The Unsung Heroes Save Lives Of Victims Trapped Under The Debris

Sad but true, disasters unite humanity. Be it Kerala Floods or the very recent Kolkata bridge collapse, the way individuals came together to rescue others is nothing but praise worthy.

A section of the over 50-year-old bridge on the arterial Diamond Harbour Road in south Kolkata collapsed on Tuesday evening. In this moment of crisis, people came together to help the individuals who were feared trapped under the debris of the bridge.


People from different corners of Kolkata, came forward to pitch in the rescue work. It’s a rare but beautiful sight, when one sees both men in uniform, from different agencies and common men, working hand in hand.

Ghulam Mustafa and Dheeraj Kumar Mondal, were the first to reach the spot. They were later joined by Dhananjay Singh, an auto company executive. He immediately parked his car at the petrol pump and rushed to rescue the victims. When they saw a biker, lying motionless, they knew they had to do something quick. Three of them climbed down the under construction Metro pillars and picked up a few plywood planks in order to make a makeshift stretcher. They carried the victim, on it to the hospital.  


The most amazing thing to see was people from different sections of the society, irrespective of their differences working as a team and trying to rescue as many as possible. Shankar Kumar Jha, a local, organized a team of 30 youths comprising of locals, rag pickers, petrol pump workers and metro workers. They tried to gather things that were required for rescue operations like ropes, ladders and torches. The Metro workers offered machines like drilling machines which helped in starting the rescue operations. A 14 year old boy ran from Ekbalpore carrying two halogen lamps in hand, to help the rescuers see as the evening started to set in.

When the DMG (Disaster Management Group) and 30 member NDRF (National Defense Response Force) arrived this group of men formed a relay team to hasten the process of removing the debris. With the arrival of the rescue team, operations became more organized. Around 250 policemen too arrived and provided necessary support.


The NDRF brought in life detecting sensor, besides hydraulic lifts and generators to find if there was someone stuck under the debris. Later in night they even brought in sniffer dogs in locating the victims. People from as far as Howrah and Bhowanipore, arranged dry food and water for the rescuers.

It takes a certain kind of people who instead of trying to flee from danger, join hands to help others - the people they don’t even know and may not even know in the future. When you see these people – men in uniform like cops, NDRF and everyday people - rushing towards the spot instead to running away from it, they become heroes in our eyes.  

Picture Source: Hindustan Times; Times; Deccan Chronicle; CNN


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