When Girl Found Her Own Grandmother During School Visit To Old Age Home

A few months ago, the Internet in India unified for one glorious moment to rebel against the disgusting act of abandoning retired parents at old-age homes, after one specific photo of a schoolgirl crying, with an old lady comforting her, went viral on social media.

In the picture provided, we can see a young girl, still in her school uniform, sobbing next to an old lady trying to soothe her. The picture itself, however, is almost 11 years old, for it was first taken on the 12th of September 2007, by a photojournalist by the name of Kalpesh S Bharech, who was asked to report on the topic of a very unique school event, where the students of GNC School in Manigar, Gujarat, met the elders who were residing in a home for the elderly.

Whilst she was there, making small talk with the people at the home, she noticed someone awfully familiar. Upon a closer look, she realized, to her horror, that the woman she saw there was none other than her estranged grandmother, jilted at the place with no one to care for her.

This one, minor snapshot stirred up a lot of loathing for the family, with ignorance of the one fact that everyone overlooked: the grandmother had gone to the old age home willingly. Bharech, the photographer, later revealed that vital piece of information on a Television Programme. In the end, the girl’s parents are not to blame.

This is an amazing example of what is better known as the “Mandela Effect”, where a piece of information, perceived to one way by the majority of society, turns out, in the end, to be utterly incorrect.

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