National Award For The Teacher Who Helped Students Perform Science Practical With Local Resources

When we talk of Science as a subject the kids performing experiments in urban cities come to our mind. It is so because most of the rural schools do not have the required necessary equipment to conduct such experiments. But things are slowly changing and all thanks to a certain teacher, whose efforts are helping the rural kids walk shoulder to shoulder with their urban counterparts.

A 48 year old, Science and Math teacher, Mr. Om Prakash Mishra is no less than god for the rural students and teachers. He had begun his teaching career from remote Mathapada high school under Boipariguda block in the district in 1998. While teaching he realized that it was difficult to conduct practical classes there, as science equipment were not easily available in rural schools.  


He was aware of the fact that theoretical knowledge was not enough, the kids needed practical knowledge as well. He refused to just sit and be a mere spectator. Finally, he decided to take the matter in his own hand and planned to write a science practical handbook to help teachers and students of rural areas. His first work ‘Experimento’ came out in 2015.

‘Experimento’ is a science practical handbook by Mishra which gives a pictorial presentation on how various science experiments can be done with locally available resources. This book has become very popular almost like a guide for rural teachers. The kids were finally able to do and understand science practical.   

To help the students in clearing the national means-cum-merit scholarship (NMMS) test (a test to award scholarships to meritorious students of economically weaker sections) which is conducted for Class 8 students, he prepared a 40-day practice book ‘Kinetics’. “As tribal students of our district were unaware of logical reasoning and modular reasoning which figure in the question paper of NMMS, they used to fail in clearing the examination. Hence, the Kinetics was prepared and it helped the students immensely and the success ratio of the district improved,” said Mishra to Indian Express

Most of students in secondary schools don’t even have basic knowledge in math, to provide them the  knowledge before learning the regular syllabus, the two books titled ‘Transit’ and ‘Transit-2’  have been written by him.

Om Prakash, who is currently teaching science and mathematics, is also the in-charge headmaster of Government High School of Jeypore. He is all set to receive the National Award for Teachers-2017 in New Delhi on September 5, for revolutionizing the education of science and math in rural areas.

The only teacher from Odisha - who is nationally selected, to recieve the award of the Union ministry of human resources development this year- he hopes to write more books to help high school students. “The national award will act as an inspiration for me to explore new methods and techniques to simplify education for high school students,” he said while talking to Indian Express.   

Teachers like Om Prakash are a boon to the nation. Not only is he making studies of subjects like science and math, which can be really difficult to some, easy to understand but with that he is also trying to restrict the drop-out rates of rural students who find studies grueling. Congratulations to him for his well-deserved award.

Picture Source: The Telegraph and India Times


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