Fat To Fit: Constable Lost 28 Kgs In Eight Months

It’s very important for everyone to take good care of their health for a happy and prospering life. It is the wealth, that makes anyone rich despite their financial strata. Especially when you are in a job that requires 24 hour service, you can’t neglect health. A constable of Ahmedabad police, once weighed 107 kgs. One day, he was called upon by his senior. Seeing his condition, his senior decided to do something that changed him to a completely different man.

About eight months ago, when 39-year-old constable  Kamleshsinh Gohil was called by SP Rajendra Asari. He looked pale and tired. Rajendra advised him to undergo a medical checkup where he was diagnosed with high cholesterol and pre-diabetic sugar level. After seeing his reports Rajendra took it seriously and asked him to join the running track with him. The constable, bound by the SP's order, had no option but to show up on the tracks the next day. The first step is the hardest. For him too, it was no different. 


I got tired running 100 metres on the first day. The next day, I ran 200 metres, and a week later, I managed to finish the entire 400 metre. Since then, there has been no looking back,”said Kamleshsinh.

Rajendra didn’t do strict on his diet but made sure he didn’t miss his exercise. After sometime, it began turning easy for Kamleshsinh as he showed progress. Finally after slogging eight months. He managed to lose a considerable weight of 28kgs, by simply jogging, stretching and keeping it honest.

He showed willingness to reduce his weight. I did not make any diet plan or schedule for him. I just advised him to do regular jogging on the racing track at the police headquarters or any place where he can find space. I kept a record of his success,” said Rajendra.

I did not change my food pattern but reduced the quantity of food per meal. Earlier I ate 20 to 25 chapattis for lunch and three bajra rotlas for dinner. Now I eat 10 to 12 chapattis and one rotla for dinner. Moreover, I do jogging and stretching exercises daily,” said Kamleshsinh.


He is highly grateful to his mentor, SP Rajendra, who motivated him throughout his journey and helped him turn fit from fat. He has now become a fitness icon for all the officers working with him. They too are now giving proper attention towards their fitness. This has not just improved his service ability but also he can now actively look after his family. 

Asari sir changed my life and I am grateful to him for that. I cannot believe this happened with me. Earlier, I used to get tired on duty, but SP sir inspired me to keep going and now I can perform my duties in a better way,” says Kamleshsinh.


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