3 College Goers Find A Way To Call Out Fake Meds, Got $15,000 From Microsoft

Have you ever wondered whether the medicines you are buying are authentic or not? It can be a reality, as 40% of the medicines in the Indian market are not original. Wouldn’t it be great if your mobile can help you in this case? Three students Srihari HS, Pratik Mahapatra, and Chidroop I of RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru have done exactly that for you. By using their app "Drug Safe" you can easily identify fake medicines. This unique idea has the potential to contribute immensely to the medical industry, particularly for the developing nations. Last week, their invention got them Big Data Award of US $15000 at the Imagine World Cup Championship, 2018 an event conducted every year by Microsoft Corp for student developers across the globe.



They feel the desperate need for such an app when one of their friends was going through a prolonged illness, even after getting timely medication as prescribed by the doctors. That is when they discovered that around 40% medicines available in Indian market are fake. This shocking discovery made them mentally disturbed and they were worried about all the people consuming these medicines. They then came up with this app that will help the consumers not only to verify identity and originality of the medicine but also its source.

The App has three check levels for the verification of medicine authenticity. First, the App uses its Optical Character Recognition Technology to scan all the details of the medicine including the packaging and the design. In the next step, it compares this data with the original medicine (the design, packaging and other details of medicines are always patented and unique for each medicine) present in the app database. Then the app will readily tell you if the medicine is fake or original. If the medicine is original the users will be able to see the date of manufacture, batch number and other related details of the medicine as well. The app will also guide you about the doses and give the details about its preparation.

This is not all; the app provides healthcare details and will alert the users on possible disease outbreaks in their locality. You may be thinking of downloading this app immediately. Unfortunately, it is still not available for commercial use. The three students are currently working on the app to improve its accuracy and also its capacity to handle a large number of users.

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