15-Year-Old School Girl Is Harvesting Rainwater For Needy, Saving Gurgaon

The Third World War will be on water. We must have heard this statement many times, but we fail to understand the gravity of the situation. Water is being polluted by almost every single activity that humans do. To improve our standard of living, we have deteriorated the quality of water and polluted many major water bodies. Many major cities along with rural areas are facing water scarcity and droughts. Environmental bodies are trying to do their best to improve the situation but as responsible individuals, we need to do our bit too.

It is the need of the hour to save water and stop polluting it and this was understood by a 15-year-old Gurgaon based school girl, Tavishi Singh. She was moved by the situation of the poverty struck and homeless people in the society and wants to provide clean and sustainable drinking water to all of them. By doing so, she will also help replenish the depleting water table in Gurgaon.

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Endless River!

Her project is wittily titled ‘Endless River’. She aimed to build a rainwater harvesting project. This project was completed with the help of the Earth Saviours foundation. The Delhi heat has been worsening over the years and Tavishi could sense that in a few years, water will become a major concern. Hence, a rainwater harvesting system needed to be built and she started building it in the premises of the Earth Saviours foundation. The organization will also be able to meet its target of 10,000 litres per day through this effort.

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The road less travelled

It’s not very usual to see a 15-year-old take such a major initiative. Obviously, the challenges in Tavishi’s path were not too easy to overcome. The project was quite expensive, and funding is always a problem. She wanted to go for a permanent and zero-maintenance design. She had to go door to door to collect funds but that process wasn’t too rewarding. Finally, she decided to crowdfund the initiative on Ketto. This shows that this project has been made possible because so many people believed in the idea of a teenage girl. The common people have come together to make her initiative successful and this is a great victory for our entire society.

Despite getting the funds, the challenge didn’t end there. The completion of the project successfully was still pending. Guidance came for her from Sekhar Raghavan, who is known as the ‘Rain Man of Chennai’. He was the face of the campaign that brought the rain-water harvesting method. Tavishi was also helped by senior engineer Mani Mishra and IPS officer Renuka Mishra during the installation period.

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Tavishi Singh’s story is a perfect story of making a move to change the system instead of just cribbing about the problems we face. She started off what seemed like an impossible task, but even at this tender age, continued it till completion. KenFolios hopes that she continues inspiring us and that she keeps getting support from people to do such selfless works.


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