India's Largest Solar Power Plant Saw Its Dawn In Wayanad, Kerala

Now a days when the world is facing scarcity of resources, there is an urgent need to switch to those resources which do not deplete on use. Natural resources such as the energy of sun can be harnessed to be utilized as sustainable energy. Therefore solar panels are used to obtain and store the energy from sun to be used for various purposes. 

Most recently, one of the largest solar power plant’s  construction ended at the Banasura Sagar reservoir in Wayanad. It’s construction began in March 2016. Within a couple of years, it is now ready to serve. Usually the solar power plants are established in vast fields, but this one is different. This power plant is established over 6,000 square meters on water surface of the reservoir. This reservoir is capable of generating 500 kWp (kilowatt peak) energy. The officials of the Thiruvananthapuram based Adtech Systems Pvt. Ltd, have predicted it to generate 7.5 lakh units of power anually which will be transmitted via KSEB grid using underwater cables. It is an upgradation to 10kW floating solar project that was built in Banasura Sagar reservoir in January 2016.


"We have used high efficiency solar panels for the project as per KSEB stipulations. Also, we have set up a floating substation on the reservoir to convert the output into 11kV considering economic and safety aspects," said Raveendran T Nair, vice-president (projects) of Adtech Systems Ltd.

According to Raveendran, ground mounted solar panels lose efficiency to dust while the water bodies increase the moderating effect of water bodies resulting in increased efficiency of panels. The project was evaluated at 9.25 crores. The solar photo voltaic panels have been mounted on 18 floating platforms which are made of ferrocement floaters and keeps it above the water surface.


"The installation works of the floating solar panels is over and the plant will be ready for inauguration soon," said Manoharan P, assistant executive engineer at the KSEB research and dam safety sub-division, Thariyode.

This is major step by India towards clean energy. This in result will also help in saving a lot of non-renewable resources. Steps like these ensure us a cleaner and greener environment. The installation costs may seem high, but once installed, it benefits in the long run. Also the reduced pollution contribute to a healthy environment and thus helps the whole mankind.


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