IIT-KGP On Its Way To Make Pure Drinking Water Accessible In Rural Areas

Water is an essential element for human being’s existence. It is very important for people to consume clean water to keep them healthy and well doing. In recent years when there is pollution everywhere, it is not safe to consume water directly from the sources. So, water purifiers are available , but again they are expensive and not within the reach of every individual. Especially in rural areas it is not readily available and costs very high. So the natives in rural areas are forced to consume water which is not fit for daily consumption. This affects their health adversely. 

After carefully addressing and understanding the problem, some brilliant minds from IIT Kharagpur came up with a solution which was implemented in West Midnapore district of Kolkata. It was a fully automated multi-filter water purification unit, installed by Rural Development Center, IIT Kharagpur. The units are capable of providing 3,000 liters of water to about 200 families at an economical price of 1 rupee per family. Each family will now have access to 15 liters of pure drinking water daily. The cost per litre was calculated about 3 paisa per litre. 


"The uniqueness of the projects are not merely the technology and design of the filtration unit, but also its participatory management. The units stand on land owned by two villagers, who donated them free of cost. The entire operation of the units, their upkeep and daily management are done by the villagers who have formed three committees to manage the operations of each of the unit. The current, and future, financial needs are to be met by the villagers from the funds collected in the form of daily payment (Rs 1 per family per day) for the purified water," said Dr Somnath Ghosal, associate professor of the Institute's Rural Development Center.

Each production unit costs about 7.5 lakh. The total area required for the installation of units was 250 square feet including boring, filter and vending machine installation etc. The villagers also helped them by donating land for installation. Two local villagers offered their land at Porapara and Hurhuria villages where the units were installed. The villagers were provided with water cards which are prepaid and need to be recharged at the beginning of every month as per their consumption requirements. 


"We will be happy to do more such things through CSR funding since the technology and process are now well demonstrated through these projects," director of IIT KGP, Partha Pratim Chakrabarti said.

This innovation  by IIT Kharagpur is a boon to the people of village and is very much applicable in such areas where the scarcity or quality of drinking water is present. Because of their effort, now every one will consume clean water and it will keep them free from many unwanted health hazards.


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