'Ideal Teacher': Satish Gawali's Journey From Peon To Principal

There is no shortcut to success, but there are guidelines to it and that is education. Who would agree with this more than the protagonist of the story? We all want to do something constructive with our lives, but no success comes without hard work. Most of us might get discouraged by the sheer labor or time required to achieve the desired goal. But then there are some who work hard undeterred and successfully make a mark in the society.

Meet Satish Gawli, a 47 year old city-based educationist, whose work in revolutionizing the education in his school is highly looked up to.  From working as a peon to being a principal of Shivaji Nagar’s Modern High School, this man’s journey is nothing less than inspiring.


Satish is a son of a farmer from Indapur taluka. Due to his family’s financial condition he had to quit his education after Std. X and take up a job to help his family with a salary of Rs.900. His tryst with education started in 1988 when he joined a school as a laboratory attendant.

He was confident that with education and proper learning, success was not far behind. “I decided to continue my education through correspondence. When I got married, my wife got a clerk’s job in Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation and that’s what brought me closer to Pune. In the next 11years, I completed my post-graduation with M.Ed. and eventually, moved from being a peon to a teacher and later, became a principal,” he said in an interview with Indian Express.


As a principal, his aim is very clear, “Academics are extremely important and no child should be left behind.” He also believes in giving other children from less privileged backgrounds a chance to grow and reach to their full potential with the help of education.

In order to provide education to everyone, “Every year, the teachers and I help at least 20 odd kids by buying those books, stationery, sponsoring their annual picnic, as we want to ensure that each child gets equal opportunity. But I know this is not enough,” he said in the interview.

Satish is aware that education doesn’t only mean studies and good marks in exams but it’s more about turning kids into confident and socially responsible adults. “We need to develop their personalities and make them confident, they should never give up and also be conscious citizens. Hence, from maintaining a robust scout guide program— for which even Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an award— to maintaining an ayurveda garden with teachers and making paper bags to distribute near temples to raise environment awareness, students have been involved in everything,” said the far-sighted educationist in Indian Express


After more than 20 years of struggle, government awarded him with the state award for ‘Ideal Teacher’ for his progressive and innovative work as a Principal.

In near future he hopes to run a school for poor children from tribal areas someday. “I am trying to get information from various government aid schemes to help realize my dream. I have a few students from such families who are MBBS doctors today, I can’t tell you how proud they make me feel. I want to have more such success stories.” The quality of an education system cannot exceed quality of the teachers. That’s the reason why we need more educationist like him, to make India a better place to live.

Picture Source : Sakal Times; Indian Express; EduGorilla 

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