IAS Officer Saves 2 Lakh People From Dying In The Kerala Floods!

The recent Kerala floods have been the worst natural disasters to hit India in a long time. The reasons for this unforeseen disaster have been said to be an amalgamation of many small human blunders and nature’s unpredictable nature. While the political parties create a dispute out of this incident, and the media promotes the blame game, if we can exclude these negatives, this unfortunate event has also shown us numerous acts of compassion, selflessness and pure love. People from all across the country are donating in whatever they way can, some have even volunteered to go to the city and help the victims. Rescue camps have been put up and many celebrities have donated large amounts to the cause.

Among all these stories, there is also the powerful story of Krishna Teja Mylavarapu, the sub-collector of Alapuzha district, who rescued 2 lakhs people within 48 hours. This move was known as ‘Operation Kuttanad.’

dy593npqdrn96ipkikm88gxjsd6ljzsl.jpgSource - The Hans India

When Krishna Teja was posted as the sub-collector of Alapuzha, he straightaway went off to explore the entire city. In just 2-3 months, he had travelled across the entire area under his jurisdiction, that too multiple times. He knew where the low-lying areas were and he got to action as he soon as he got the slightest hint of floods incoming. At 10 PM on August 16, it was quite evident that disaster is going to strike. Finance minister Thomas Isaac and Krishna Teja agreed that they had to focus on the impending disaster. Teja ordered for all boats, got all the personnel ready and plunged into action in the morning. To ensure the safety of the people, Teja placed policemen on each boat to improve people’s perception of safety.

"The thought of me being in danger did not strike me. I was completely engrossed in the rescue operation. Yes, there were times when the water came up to my shoulder level,” said Krishna Tej in an interview with Times of India.

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It was Krishna Teja’s presence of mind and quick response to pressure situations which enabled them to rescue such a large crowd. He made sure that all the boats were present on time so that as many people as possible can be saved. The operation lasted 48-hours and it surely was one of the most challenging ones that he has faced. However, his determination makes him say that his only reason for getting into the administrative services was to serve the people and that is what he did.

2 lakh people have been evacuated due to the efforts of Krishna Teja and his teams involved in the operation. All the evacuated people have been cut up in camps. Their food and stay are totally being taken care of. People are living by helping each other and that is humanity’s greatest victory.



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