Kerala Man cancels daughter's wedding in an act of sheer humanity, donating all the money saved to charity for floods.

As seen in the news, Kerela faced what is one of the worst floods in the history of the nation very recently, with over 300 people drowned, and over 2 lakh people residing in hastily set-up relief camps. Various people from all over India are donating towards the cause of these poor people stuck in the torrential inundations that no one even notices those that donate right from their own hometown – to their own people.Image result for kerala flood

In an act of sheer humanity, a journalist cancelled the function for his own daughter’s engagement, and, with the help from his and his to-be son-in-law’s families, chose to make a donation of all the money kept for the grand ceremony.
PM Manoj, the current editor of the Malayalam Newspaper Deshabhimani, as well as the spokesperson for the Communist Party of India, had a talk with his son-in-law’s family a few days ago, and now both sides are perfectly fine with all the money going towards the disaster relief fund, the engagement to be postponed to a later date.
The ceremony was to take place on Sunday in the recently submerged city of Kannur.

Manoj, on a latter Facebook post, wrote: “The engagement and ring exchange of my daughter Devi and that of Advocate Sudhakaran, the son of Advocate Gokul, was scheduled for August 19. But considering the unprecedented natural disaster which Kerala has been facing, the function is being cancelled. We, both the families, have decided to donate the money set aside for that to the Distress Relief Fund of the Chief Minister.”Image result for kerala flood map

Furthermore, Manoj expresses that his resolve for the cancellation of the grand event, and the huge donation to charity, comes from the mortification that would live with him throughout his life had he gone through with the pompous engagement while people a mere kilometre away were fighting for their lives.

The flood itself occurred due to unusually heavy monsoon rainfall on the mid-evening of August 8th, filling the dams in Kerala to their maximum capacity. In the first 24 hours, the state received over 310mms of rain. The dams overflowed, flooding low-lying and coastal areas treacherously. Out of the 42 dams present in the city, over 35 have been opened. This is the first time this has happened in the state’s history.

You too can donate for the cause of these poor southerners stuck inside their own homes, for it is acts like these that truly replenish our faith in humanity.

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