Tesla Develops Blackhole To Swallow The Trash Pile At Ladakh

'Nature has the answer to all your questions'

God’s most sacred and beautiful gift to mankind is the nature that surrounds us. All the emotions that a person feel can be derived from nature. The peace that it gives is incomparable and for this very reason, the tourism industry has seen a huge growth over the years. Bored of corporate life and desk jobs, people want to run away to far off and beautiful locations that are still untouched. However, we humans don’t fail to leave our mark wherever we go. And this mark is prevalent by the amount of trash found in most famous tourist spots.

Even Ladakh, which is known as ‘roof of the world’ is seeing mountains of trash. Luckily, we have started realising the need to save our planet and many initiatives are being taken to clean the land we live in. Change starts from individuals but it is also the duty of big organizations to take initiatives to the next step. The innovative company Tesla has come up with a ‘Blackhole’ to swallow the massive piles of trash that is infesting Ladakh.

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Plagued by tourism

Tourism has risen from 1.8 lakhs in 2011 and will now be touching around 3 lakhs. This increase in tourist inflow comes with a trash generation of 15-16 tonnes per day. The trash is mostly found in a narrow arc covering the popular tourist haunts of Nubra valley in north-west Ladakh and Pangong-Tso and Tso-Moriri lakes in the east. The locals respect their native and don’t generate much trash, it’s the tourists who have to take complete responsibility for this blunder.

Due to geographic reasons, it is economically not possible to take all the trash to the plains and deposit it there. The garbage from Leh can still be dumped at Bomb Garh, but that from Ladakh has to dumped in pits or by the mountainside, hence polluting the beautiful landscape.

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Tesla to the rescue! 

Tesla’s waste disposal technology is innovative and unique. It will form the backbone of a much-needed waste disposal system in not just Ladakh, but also other tourist locations. It has been named as ‘Blackhole’ due to its ability to literally swallow the entire waste pile.  It works without fuel or electricity which would solve the issue of moving the trash deposited at Ladakh. The Blackhole decomposes all the waste, except glass, into ash.

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"We have placed orders with Bengaluru-based Tesla Energy (an arm of US-based Tesla Green) for a plant with a daily capacity of one tonne and expect it in 2-3 months. All of us have put our heads together. The BRO (Border Roads Organisation) has assured to buy the ash for building roads," said Avny Lavasa, Leh Deputy Commissioner, in an interview with Times of India.

Along with this, construction has also been banned within 150 metres of the Pangong lake.


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