The Earth Anthem Written By Indian Poet-Diplomat Abhay K Is Now Becoming A Worldwide Rage!

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

Mother Earth is undoubtedly the biggest and the one common privilege that every human gets. The importance and beauty of this vast planet cannot be described in mere words. However, we do not appreciate this privilege enough. We have dirtied the land we live in, exploited it for our leisure and benefit and have only now started fighting to preserve its beauty. Among various other movements and activities, a very special tribute to Earth originated recently in India and has been appreciated across the globe.

Indian poet-diplomat wrote a poem/song titled ‘Earth Anthem’ in 2008 and it is finding acceptance in various countries and even at international forums. The song was launched in 2013 on World Environment Day.

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The entire world has been asking for a common anthem which can be used to praise Earth, and it is a matter of pride for India that the anthem is coming from one of its own citizens. International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), world’s largest environmental network, has backed the Earth Anthem and has called it a global and important initiative to promote the conservation of nature among nations.

Abhay was inspired by the Upanishads and the photo of the Earth taken by Apollo 17. He wrote it when he was in Russia. Today, it has been translated in over 30 languages. Abhay believes that the Anthem will work both locally and internationally, and will connect with school children as well the UN General Assembly. The Anthem can be sung while the opening or closing of any ceremony.

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"Whichever country we come from, we all have our planet in common. A tribute to her in the form of an anthem, therefore, should be able to find favour with people from all countries. Such an anthem will not only connect all of us across the world through a common musical thread but will also inspire the next generation to put the planet before themselves,” Abhay said in an interview with IANS.

Abhay has been a successful writer. He wrote the highly renowned The Seduction of Delhi, and his poems have been published in international literary journals including the Asia Literary Review. He was termed ‘inspiring’ by the UNESCO, Habitat for Humanity and other bodies for his Anthem. He wants to create more editions of the Anthem by collaborating with new musicians and singers.


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