IAS Officer Donates Essential Medicines To Kerala, Emphasizes On Healthcare For The Affected

The heavy rains that drenched much of are finally settling down. The rivers are still swollen from the flood of water and everything that its touched is melting down. Now that the situation has a handle on it, people are moving forward to get back to their homes. Resuming their lives wouldn’t be the same but a smooth and safe transition is what everyone is hoping for. 

Rebuilding Life After The Flood

Many people came forward to help Kerala rebuild and one such person was Sajjan Singh. Realising the dangers of health and diseases, his first thought wasn’t to contribute clothes or food. The Advisor to Administrator, aimed at securing their healthcare by sending a truckload of 60 most essential medicines for the flood-stricken citizens. The moisture levels in Kerala is high above the danger level, making it a breeding-zone for several fatal diseases. Typhoid, Diarrhea, Dengue, Leptospirosis and many other ailments are breaking down the immunity of people to survive. Officer Sajjan’s medicare relief is proving to be of huge help or the people. The essential medicines will help them cure minor symptoms, helping them to get back to their home and work towards restarting their lives. 



The Central Health Ministry is also aiding to resource the potential outbreak of waterborne diseases by replenishing essential medicines to the state. The Union Health Ministry also arranged for more than 90 types of medicines for common diseases and associating with the 4,000 established relief camps, health conditions are given maximum priority. 

Making Healthcare A Priority For The State

If you would like to send out health care packages for the state, make sure of the following details while packaging and shipping them.

Include the bills along with the shipment so that the date of purchase could be confirmed

Avoid sending loose packets or strips of pills and pack them in bulk

Avoid sending liquid tonics or fluids, try alternative pills or tablets instead

According to recent reports by Aljazeera, five airlines have taken the initiative to deliver relief goods free of cost to the suffering areas in Kerala. It’s times like this when the real strength and love for our nation shows up to hold hands. We are and are praying for their lives, hoping for them to resurface from this disaster and rise above better. 

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