Maya Kashyap: The Journey Of ST Girl From Maoist Affected Village To A Medical College

Tribal development is already a challenge for the government. It gets even more daunting when the area is under Maoist influence. These areas are often deprived of services like education and healthcare. So, it’s very unlikely for someone to step out and achieve something without even minimal resources. But some birds aren’t meant to be caged. They are meant to fly high beyond all constraints.

Maya Kashyap, one such bright girl belonged to a Moist affected area in Sukma where she had no resources but a dream to become a doctor. She was from Dornapal village, studying in a school where teacher’s presence was negligible. Only a handful of students from Dornapal made it to high school. For 19-years-old Maya, it was more difficult as she lost her father when she was only 10. There was no financial stability nor anyone that could back her up. But it’s the bad times that define if one shines as bright as diamond or shatter as  marbles.  


"For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a doctor. After my father died, it became almost impossible to continue with my studies. But I never gave up. I could not give up on my dream," said Maya.

It would have been very easy for her to give up studies and survive on bare minimum but she was a girl with iron heart. Her desire to become a doctor didn’t fade with her father’s death. No obstacle seemed so big to stop her. There came many challeneges that she came over. She had 3 siblings as well, who were in school. The financial condition of the family was on a rocking boat. In such a situation where bare minimum was maximum the family could afford, coaching fee for NEET was out of question. But family is family for a reason. Her elder brother Anup took a loan from a friend while her sister-in-law Ratna collected money from relatives.

"My mother had to take care of three siblings, besides myself. They, too, were in school. Due to lack of money, I faced a lot of hardship while preparing for NEET, but that did not deter me," said Maya.


All these hardships only made her stronger and dedicated everyday. Finally she shined as bright as diamond. She appeared for NEET and secured a rank, most students aspire to achieve. She was ranked 154 among the STs and was 12,315th in the state. She made it to Ambikapur Medical College. Since she has been through a lot and understand the hardships students face in these areas, she has decided to return to her native place and provide services that people are deprived of. 

"I want to return to my area and serve my people. The interiors regions are deprived of basic medical facilities," said Maya.

Her exceptional efforts not just helped her uplift her career but also is a message to students who are facing such difficulties. Determination is what they need to get out of out their hardships. Not giving up may seem like a usual advice but is an unusual practice that she continued and now her achievements speak for her. She has a long way to go and we hope she becomes able enough to heal the fate of Dornapal.

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