Doctor’s Wedding Day Remains Pending As He Continues To Save Lives In Kerala

During times of calamity, people look up to financial aids, shelters and food supplies from neighbouring states and countries. While this does solve the temporary problems of hunger and accommodation, there are many who remain in dire need of immediate medical assistance from professionals. The natural calamity that has struck Kerala has thus left it in need of people like 30-year-old Arun C Das who can provide its residents with the healing touch they need.

Turn Of Events

For quite some days, Arun, an assistant surgeon at a family health center in Kottayam's Madapally, had been anticipating his wedding day. His Facebook profile is filled with pictures with his fiancé bearing the caption “Save The Date”. The date – August 19, 2018 – was supposed to be the day of his wedding.


Image Source: Al Jazeera

But a sudden change of events told a different story on August 19. Instead of being at his wedding venue, Arun was busy at a flood relief camp in an inundated Kerala. Engaged in treating the patients, he had to consequently postpone his wedding.

The Call Of Duty

Working at a relief camp in Changanasseery, Arun is presently treating more than a hundred patients a day. Though his house in Kottayam and his fiancé’s house in Mysore are fortunately unaffected by the floods, many of his relatives were moved to relief camps while he headed to submerged towns of Kerala to rescue the helpless people.

Arun and his team at the camp consist of four doctors. One of them had gone to Wayanad for her daughter's admission but couldn't return due to floods. These doctors, who generally work on individual day shifts, are now providing round the clock assistance.

“If I am also away, that means only two of my colleagues will be on the ground taking care of so many people. That would have been difficult so I decided to come in too," said Arun.


Image Source: Arun's Facebook Profile

In natural catastrophes like floods, there are always chances of an outbreak once the water recedes. To prevent such a situation, Arun has been looking after at least a hundred and twenty patients a day across in the relief camps, several of whom who do not even have their prescriptions or don’t know the names of the medicines they were prescribed.

The deeds of people like Arun restore faith in humanity for those who have already lost it. He could have easily stayed back in his dry hometown and fulfilled one of the most important events in his life with peace and tranquillity. But the deafening cries of the homeless from his neighbouring towns resounded in his ears so vehemently that instead of wearing a sherwani, he donned a doctor’s apron to provide the helpless with the ray of hope they were searching for.   

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