Two Quick Thinking Men Rescues a Couple Trapped in Fire.

Bravery is when you are able to think clearly and act rationally in spite of all the fears that surround you in an adverse situation. Bravery can come from anywhere. The story below is not only about, how two men helped in rescuing a couple from fire but also how they succeeded in dousing the fire before fire engines could even reach the spot. Thus saving not only the couple but making sure the fire didn’t reach the neighboring homes.


It was a Sunday morning, Bipin Kulkarni and his wife, who lived on the 6th floor of Manikchand Malabar Hill, a residential society near Lullanagar Chowk in Kondhwa, were planning to head out. Before they could leave, they saw smoke gushing out from behind the sofa. Before they could react a full-fledged fire engulfed the furniture. Didn’t know what to do next, they immediately dialed the society’s security guards, who then called in Sajid Attar, safety officer and fire safety expert and Vilas Patil, society’s security-in-charge.

Thankfully, Attar was nearby. He being a fire safety expert, had organized a training session for the Manikchand Malabar Hill security staff to deal with any kind of fire-related mishaps. Without wasting much time, both Attar and Patil rushed to the spot.

By the time they reached Kulkarni’s home, the fire had taken over a part of the house. Furniture like Sofa, chairs and electronic Items had already been engulfed by the fire. The fire was spreading faster than they had imagined. They realized they had no time to wait for the firefighters, who had already been called.

Their first concern was to rescue the trapped couple. So they installed a pipe in the fire safety hose provided nearby and started spraying it on the flames. Fortunately, the fire safety hose was functioning. They even brought two fire extinguishers from the ground floor and sprayed on the affected areas, thus containing the fire and eventually dousing it completely.

It took them almost 30 minutes to reign over the fire.The fire occurred because of a short circuit, when the socket behind a sofa in their house, sparked.

Patil who conducts live and mock drills to keep the society ready for such an incident, said it helped him to think on the spot and deal with the scary situation. “The fire could have been worse had we not responded quickly, because by the time the tender would have reached, the fire would have spread to other apartments as it was growing at a rapid pace,” said Patil to Pune Mirror.

Even the fire fighters couldn’t stop themselves from praising the heroic act of the two men, ““These two men have certainly done a great job. The fire department trains several people to deal with crisis situations such as these. The two men have done a commendable job for sure,” said Nilesh Mahajan, an officer with Pune fire department to Pune Mirror.

These gentlemen’s ability to think on their feet not only saved lives but also properties. Kudos to them and to the Pune fire department for training security personals, helping them face the situation head on.  

Picture Source : Pune Mirror


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