Flood In Kerela Was Not As Strong As Sunitha's Will To Save Her 25 Dogs

What would you do if everything around you is devastated and every life is under threat including yours? Will you run for your life or stay there to help the innocent animals who can’t help themselves?

Rescue team wasn’t ready for it.

After the life threatening flood, everyone was running for their lives in Kerela. Many animals were left behind as the rescue team didn’t have enough resources to revive them too. But then there was Sunitha, who refused to leave with the rescue team to save some innocent lives. Her 25 dogs were struggling for their lives in the deadly flood in Thrissur, Kerela. It was worst hit by the flood and claimed more than 300 lives. When the rescue team reached there, the sight was heart melting. She, her husband and her dogs were cluttering on a bed while the whole house was at near destruction.


"She sent back volunteers and rescue officials because they said they could not evacuate her dogs. She was just not willing to leave her dogs behind. She then managed to get in touch with us," informed Ms Sally Verma, from Humane Society International.

When you wish to do good, you find a way.

When offered a hand, she first asked the rescue team to take her dogs first. The rescue team was merely able to save her. When the volunteers and rescue officials seemed helpless to save all of her dogs, she refused to get on board with the rescue team and somehow managed to contact an animal welfare group. Then a special rescue attempt was made for her.

She refused to leave her house unless her dogs, all strays or abandoned pets, were taken too,” added Ms Varma.

They all made it out alive.

Finally after the courageous attempt of the rescue team all of the animals were saved and are now provided a special shelter as the relief camps set up for the disaster refused animals. Ms Verma will also help her raise funds after her courageous attempt to save animals. The amount gathered will be used to build a kennel at her home after flood recedes. 
Acts like these prove whenever a calamity has come, people have joined hands to help each other but Sunitha’s act lies above all as she spoke for those who neither could have helped themselves or could have asked for it. Animals too have life and emotions. Sunitha heard them and as a result they were saved. Still, many lives are endangered in Kerela and there are people looking for saviors. We wish help comes soon and also pray for the revival of Kerela.
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