Groom Converts The Wedding Venue Into A Relief Camp

During troubled times there are people who either give in to the situations or try to make the most out of it. The story below deals with something similar.

As we all already know how kerala floods have created a havoc and disrupted not only lives and property of people but also their marriages and engagements. A lot of weddings, engagements have been postponed and in extreme cases altogether cancelled due to these floods.


So, the hero of this story is K. J. Jaydeep, a native of Neelamperoor in Kurichy near Kottayam. Jaydeep was supposed to get married to Surya Sarath on August 19th in Vechoochira. But as their luck would have it, due to continuous rains, areas around Vechoochira were flooded in no time.

The venue of the wedding was completely disconnected as the roads leading to Vechoochira were extremely flooded. The only option their families had was to postpone the wedding. Like most Jaydeep and his family had the option of removing the pandal and getting on with their lives.

But Jaydeep and his family chose a higher path, they decided to give refuge to the people who were rendered homeless due to floods and landslides. They turned it into a temporary relief camp. They also decided to operate the pandal as a makeshift kitchen, providing food to the survivors until the government’s relief camps were opened.

Usually in times like these people tend to turn bitter but Jaydeep and his family showed that keeping society’s wellness before their own is often the right thing to do. The new date of the wedding is September 2, in the same place at the same time.

Kenfolios wishes the couple a lifetime of shared love and joy.  May the warmth of their big hearts spreads far and wide.


Every little bit counts when it comes to situations like these. Kerala needs our support. You can donate to CMDRF, all the information is given below.




Picture Source : GoFundMe ; TheBetterIndia ; OnManorama

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