Actor Donates for the Kerala Floods and Persuades All His Followers with This Letter

Following heavy rains in Kerala, the whole state has suffered casualties from the flood. With over a hundred people dead, many still struggle to receive government relief. The CM of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan has opened up a donation portal in light of these unfortunate events to ensure that the death toll is kept to a minimum.

Siddharth Suryanarayan, a well-known movie star, has taken the spotlight on the news for encouraging people to donate to the CM’s relief fund on his social media profile. He posted on his twitter on 17th August declaring that he had just donated for the cause and persuaded all his fans to donate as well.


A letter to humanity:

With photos proving his donations as legitimate, Siddharth made the donation a challenge for the internet people. His tweet read, “I dare you. I beg of you! What do I have to do to make you read and share this? I did the . It was awesome! Will you? Please?”

Along with his tweet, he had also posted the photo of a letter which described the gravity of the situation in Kerala and demanded news coverage and media attention on the issue. That letter was addressed to the people asking them to come together as fellow human beings and help the people suffering because of nature’s wrath.


The worst flood in a century:

As the state faces the worst flood in over a century, the panic amongst the people continues to rise. The government is trying it’s best to assist the people out of heavily flooded regions and provide them with food and shelter. In a time like this, the post has drawn huge attention towards itself because of which the news coverage on the issue has gone up high. People have started donating to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund to help the government get more supplies for the affected people.

The letter has drawn so much attention, in fact, it has gone viral on social media platforms. Various movie stars, businessmen and even common people have started donating to the fund for the cause through PayTM and other available options. Many have taken up the challenge put forward by Siddharth and have started sharing their proofs of a successful transaction on their twitter and facebook accounts.


At a time when there was much need for attention, a simple tweet has gathered up the courage in people’s hearts to extend a helping hand towards the less fortunate. Hopefully, the calamity will subside soon and the number of people affected will stay at a minimum. Donations to the CM’s fund can be made directly through the government portal, the link of which follows: Kerala CM's Distress Fund

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