A TN School Finds An Innovative Way To Make Companies Take Responsibility for their Plastic Waste

Plastic is damaging our land, our water bodies and our health, and we would be fools to brush this concern under the carpet. Plastic pollution is damaging our environment more rapidly than anybody could possibly fathom. Plastic is hard to dispose of, owing to the fact that it’s non-biodegradable. With the increase in use of plastic bags, utensils and furniture, the amount of plastic waste has also gone up and so has the plastic pollution.


Plastic used for food packaging purpose, constitute of almost 30% of total plastic pollution. The funny part about using plastic is that it is a material that’s designed to last forever is used for products that doesn’t require that kind of longevity. 

But it’s all worth it, if we chose to learn from our past mistakes. Today’s story is all about that. Plastic menace have been a topic of global concern. Governments globally, are taking steps to curb it. But it’s sheer heart-warming when you see societies, schools and individuals try to come up with ideas to restrict the harm caused by plastic. In one of our earlier posts we had mentioned about how a Gurugram woman is trying to curb plastic menace with her “Steel crockery bank”

Another such example are the students of Subbiah Vidyalayam Girls Higher Secondary School in Thoothukudi, TN. The girls have collected 20,244 wrappers of packaged good items that too in less than 2 weeks and have sent it to the respective manufacturers along with a note, “We are happy with the taste and quality of your products, but unhappy with the plastic packaging. We want to ensure a safe environment for our future generations and minimize our plastic footprint. We have decided to collect used plastic wrappers of your products and send them to you for safe disposal. Please help us savor your products without guilt, by introducing eco-friendly packaging.”


About 10,660 wrappers belonged to leading food products company, Britannia, while Nabati, a company which manufactures wafers, came next with 3,412 wrappers. These were sent back to these companies. This exercise was spearheaded by Alby John Varghese, the Corporation Commissioner of Thoothukudi. According to Mr. Varghese the producers, importers and brand owners are responsible for collecting plastic waste left by their products. He also added that he had given the companies 2 months of time to come up with an action-plan to collect all used plastic wrappers.

It’s a happy sight to see individuals waking up to the fact that use of plastic is hazardous to our environment. Let’s not protect the environment but let’s create an educated, environmentally sensitive world where environment doesn’t need protection.

Picture Source : The Better India and The Medium




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