Pet Dog Rocky Turns Saviour, Protects Family From Grave Disaster!

‘Keep performing your tasks without worrying about the results.’

This is a famous saying in the Holy Bhagavad Gita and its relevance cannot be denied by anyone. If there is one relationship which can be truly termed as selfless and totally borne out of love instead of expecting results, then it is that of a family and its pet animal. If you feed an animal or even show some love towards it, the tongue-tied mammal will put out its heart for you without asking any questions. Pet dogs are the prime example of how beautiful the relationship between humans and animals can be. Dogs become a very important part of the family, almost like a child and there is nothing that means more to them than their family. Kerala based Mohanan P had seen his pet Rocky grow from a puppy to a dog. He and his family had loved Rocky without asking questions, and the dog reciprocated in a totally unexpected manner.


Kerala has been facing extremely intense rains and many of the rural areas are affected by floods. Recently, in the Kanjikuzhi village in Idukki district of Kerala, a family was saved from a life taking landslide by their dog.

Kerala has been seeing the worst natural disaster the state has ever witnessed. Apart from a lot of property being destroyed, the floods have led to death of around 37 people. More than 35,000 people have been moved to relief camps. On Thursday, 9th August, Mohanan P and his family were sleeping in their house in the Kanjikuzhi village. Suddenly at 3 am, Mohanan woke up to the sound of his dog barking. He ignored it initially since this happens quite frequently.

After some time, Mohanan and his family realized that their dog Rocky has still not stopped barking and he is growling rather nastily. This was unusual, and the man went outside to check. That is when Mohanan realized that a devastating landslide had started and his house was on the verge of being demolished. He rushed inside, woke his family up and they could eventually escape the landslide. Their house was destroyed and they were sent to a government relief camp along with their life-saver dog Rocky.


"It became a very unusual distress howl. That's when we realised something was wrong. I went out to see and we had to just rush out of the house," Mr Mohanan told NDTV.

Unfortunately, an elderly couple who lived in the same building on the top floor, died in the natural disaster. In this troubling situation, the people of Kerala have been trying to help each other and the government is also providing donations and relief to the victims. The government has announced a compensation of ₹4 lakhs to those who have lost their house and ₹10 lakhs to those who have lost both their house and their land.


The story of Rocky and his family once again proves the statement that ‘Dog is man’s best friend.’ We hope that men and women also treat dogs as their best friends and bring an increased amount of kindness, love and compassion in the world.


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