The Heroes From The Devastating Kerala Flood

Kerala has been witnessing incessant rain for the last three days. At least 40 people have died and over 60,000 have been rendered homeless. People were forced to move to relief camps after rainwater entered their houses, leaving all their prized possessions behind.

In such dire circumstances, there was a need for a hero who could save the people from the vicious wrath of Mother Nature. Though the Indian Army was summoned to act in the need of the hour, there were many other who pulled up their socks and did their level best to ameliorate the plight of the people even before the army could intervene.  

Ordinary humans, extraordinary deeds

Vishnu, who hails from Madhya Pradesh, is one of the many door-to-door blanket sellers in Kerala. Upon hearing about the natural calamity that struck Kerala and the plight of those who lost their valuables, he donated 50 of his blankets to those taking shelter in Iritty and Kannur rescue camps.


National Disaster Response Force personnel Kanhaiya Kumar, who is originally from Bihar, was deployed in Idukki for the Kerala flood rescue mission. As the bridge over the Cheruthoni river was about to be submerged under the water, he got a message on his walkie-talkie regarding a child with a high-grade fever who was stranded on the other side of the bridge. Without hesitating for a moment, he grabbed the child in his arms and dashed across the bridge just before it got engulfed by the flood.   


"I realised in that situation that I can help by taking the child to the nearest hospital in a safer place for first aid and I did exactly that," said Kanhaiya.

Apart from the ravaging floods, landslides also wrecked havoc in Kerala. In one of the many heroic incidents, a Kerala fire force personnel was seen carrying a young boy who was rescued from the rubble of a house. His house was destroyed in a landslide.

Bibin Xavier, a local press photographer who clicked the photo described it as heart touching moment. "I still can't understand the emotions on his face. Could be it is the fear that the body he is holding so close to his heart may not have a spark of life. Braving knee-deep mud he ran with the body to a nearby ambulance," Xavier wrote on his Facebook page. 


These ordinary people didn’t have any specialized equipment to tackle the brutal blows of nature. All they had was the heart of a lion to take upon the seemingly impossible challenges which put their own lives at risk. Instead of backing down, they displayed their exemplary courage to snatch innocent beings away from the jaws of death and give them another chance at life.

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