Tribal Entrepreneurship - Village Women Restaurant Chain Is Making Millions In Profits

“Future of India lies in its villages - Mahatma Gandhi”

While multinational corporations and Urban India is often believed to be at the core of India’s Economic growth, thousands of small-to-medium business units are quietly working to fundamentally strengthen Indian economy. One such is “ Nahri - The Tribal Restaurant Chain”.

Interior Of One Of The Nahri Restaurants

Nahri(Food for guests in tribal Gujarati dialect) started its first restaurant at Gangpur near Vansadah in Navasari district of Gaujarat in 2007. Conceptualized and instituted by BAIF development research foundation, the real backstage management is done by tribal women belonging to various Self Help Groups(SHGs).

BAIF gathered support from several institutions like NABARD, ONGC and department of science and technology - Government of India to start this project. The goal was to empower self help groups of tribal women in one of the most economically primitive parts of India. The unusual menu of this restaurant includes only one dish named “The Dang Thali”. This thali includes Rotala made of Nagli or Rice(Roti), well cooked Dal of Black Gram, rice, bamboo pickle, and chutney made of green and red chillies. This complete thali was planned after studying the nutritional values of various tribal dishes. The nutritional research was conducted with the help of Tata Trusts.

Dang Thali Served By Nahri Restaurant

Today, Nahri serves its unique Dang Thali through thirteen restaurants located in remote areas of Navsari, Valsad, And Dang. They also operate a food truck exclusively managed by tribal women Self Help Group of Savarkhadi Village. The truck goes to different villages where a weekly market takes place. Most of the Nahri restaurants make a monthly turnover of Rs 50,000 or more, while some popular outlets also make upto Rs 70,000 in profit every month.

Nahri restaurant chain is an up-and-coming example of tribal entrepreneurship. This project has offered an additional income source for the SHGs of tribal women. This money is most used by tribal women for educating their children and medical expenses of their families. The day is not far when we will see a Nahri restaurant at big malls in the urban parts of India.

Story Idea Credits : The Times Of India

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