Bihar Physiotherapist Treated Poor For Free, Now Treats Celebrities. Read About The Transformation

With the world turning into a rat race, people are too busy working for their own survival. No one has time for others. However, there are a few, who are ignited from within and seek to help the ones in need without expecting anything in return, not to boost their ego but to light a candle of compassion and evoke humanity in the hearts of others. Today’s story is of one such person Rajiv Kumar Singh.

Rajiv treats patients, who cannot afford the treatment charges, for free. Hailing from Bihar, Rajiv, a physiotherapist by profession, has treated people with various financial backgrounds by now – from underprivileged to people who are well off.

His father was an army soldier. Inspired by his father’s dedication, Rajiv decided to do something to earn a living and also serve the society through his caliber. After completing his education from Sainik School in Kashmir, he moved to Siwan for completing his medical studies. He studied physiotherapy and worked in many good hospitals.

Later, he opened a physiotherapy clinic in Patna, Boring Road. Rajiv used to work in Mumbai and Delhi. Many people needed treatment but did not have enough money to pay. He used to call them home and treat them without taking any fee. Moreover, he opened a physiotherapy association named ‘Pain Free Life’, which is connected to young doctors from all across the state. The patients have to give a missed call and someone from the team will contact them. The doctors from that particular area will be sent to the patient’s house and treat them without any fees.

Rajiv’s journey in physiotherapy started when his father met with a major accident in 1992. He had some fatal injuries. The family was going through a very difficult time. After being treated from orthopedic surgeon, he was suggested for physiotherapy. At that time Rajiv was studying. After his father was cured by physiotherapy, Rajiv decided to take the subject as majors and continued his studies from Delhi.

After working in Delhi, Rajiv moved to Mumbai where he treated people like Prem Chopra, Virat Kohli, Govinda, John Abraham, Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and many others.

Rajiv has bagged many awards for his work. He received Arjun Award in 2013 for his contribution to the players of Indian cricket team, President award in 2015, Best Physiotherapist award in 2016 in Sri Lanka, Youth Icon Award in London in 2017 to name a few.

His award list is increasing with every passing year along with his skills. His practice is on a growth. Rajiv is planning many more endeavors in the coming years to help the people in need. His believes, “don’t just live to pass each day, live to be alive and contribute to the society the bit you can.”


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