This Man Quit Posh Google Job To Take Up Farming For A Beautiful Reason

The hero of this story is an ordinary looking guy Naga Kataru from village Gampalagudem, Andhra Pradesh. He is the father of the popular feature ‘Google Alerts’ yet instead of sticking to his lucrative career, he chose to become proud owner of an almond farm. A wildly unconventional and amazing reason waits behind this shift.

In the year 2000, Naga joined Google as the 40th engineer at the firm where he served eight years. This talented techie came from a village where only half of students would attend school. During his stint, he came up with the idea of ‘Google alerts’. Believing his thoughts, he worked on the idea and went to his senior colleague. The manager told Naga that the idea will never see the light of the day. “Google makes money when people come to us. If we set alerts, then we are losing money because we are sending people away from people,” the manager had told him.

He persisted nonetheless and approached Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. They loved his concept and soon launched the feature. In 2008, Naga quit Google and bought a 320-acre farm in California aiming to diversify his investments. He had planned to sell off the property after five years but something beautiful began to happen.

The farm started to remind him of his life in India. “I missed the way fruits and flowers smelled back home and couldn’t sell the land off. I did not know about farming but I taught myself and started growing almonds and apricots on it,” Naga says. The farm is looked after by eight workers and it is earning Naga an annual revenue of more than Rs 16.5 crores.


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