Why This IIT Alumnus Returned To His Odisha Village Is Something To Be Considered By All

“Corruption from politics will end when people, who have white-income to support their families, are only allowed to enter into politics,” says Nihar Ranjan Beura, an IIT alumnus, who recently won in Gram Panchayat Polls in Dumuka, Odisha. After working in various MNCs abroad, he soon realized that home is where his heart was. His story is uncommon and unexpected but fills us with motivation to chase our true dreams.

Nihar has worked across locations like London, Washington DC, and Dubai, to name a few, and has years of experience. He had a “fat salary”, and could have settled abroad, like other IITians.However, he decided to do something for his village. Nihar quit his job, came back to his village in Odisha  and started working for the development of his village. He opened a dairy farm in his village to provide pure milk at cheaper rates.

Nihar started with 35 cows, which he bought for Rs 8 lakh, and now has 52 cows that give 300 litres of milk every day. His initiative of opening a dairy farm was widely applauded in his village. This earned him a respectable name as he was able to provide unadulterated milk at cheaper price. With providing jobs to at least 50 families in the village through his farm, Nihar says his is a no-profit- no-loss business. The earnings from the farm are utilized to breed hybrid cows.

Ranjan is now a member of panchayat samiti in his village Dumuka in Odisha’s Kedrapara district. “There is a general perception that people are involved in politics to earn money. But I have pledged to prove it wrong,” the IIT alumnus said. On winning the election, he claimed truth has prevailed and now wants to work for the upliftment of his village.

Nihar’s early life was no less a challenge as he lost his father and elder brother when he was merely an year old, in the 1996 Odisha cyclone. His mother had to struggle after his father died as he left no savings behind him. Conditions worsened and Beura had to be shifted to his maternal grandfather’s house where he grew up. His mother used to visit him every two-three months. He developed respect for his family as he grew up as they took great care of him despite not being  well-off.

During his student life, he was an active participant in various debates and started to keenly develop his interest in studies after 8th standard. Along with his studies, he earned a good name in athletics with the support of his teachers. He got into IIT Kharagpur and completed his M.Tech and

Management there. A true believer of Karma, he was initially afraid of getting into IIT but later on managed to crack the exam.

Beura has 20 years of industry experience and five years of teaching experience but came back to his ancestral roots. He is a digital entrepreneur and also an independent advisor to start-ups. He also devotes his free time in counselling the youth to find better career options and is widely appreciated in his village. He also won the trust of villagers as they believe that someone who is highly-qualified and has faced problems from the ground levels would understand their conditions better and work in an effective manner.

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