STD 9 Scholar Quit School To Challenge System, Now Globally Famous Inventor At 18

Indian parents are known to put too much pressure on children to deliver outstanding academic performance. Often in this quest, the inherent talent of the child is left unattended. But today we are focusing on achievements of an extraordinary boy who confronted the ‘normal’ ways and challenged the societal norms by quitting school in STD 9. He was a good student but did not want to be tied in the shackles of our formal education system.

This boy is now the owner of two global companies that solve real life problems with technology – something he was always passionate to do.

Meet Mumbai born and brought up Angad Daryani who was frustrated with the school curriculum in respect with their application in real life. There were a lot of unnecessary tuitions, assignments and projects which left him with no time to use his brain and skills creatively to build something useful. He said students end up memorizing theories from a book only to forget them later. Although he was doing well in school he said goodbye to formal education when he was in STD 9.

At the age of 8, Angad built a solar boat; at the age of 13, he made a 3D printer; at 15, he built an e-reader for the blind

He is now 18 and has proved that academics do not always ensure success. “It is not guaranteed that formal education will help you target your goals,” says Angad. An intellectual, maker, researcher, artist, social entrepreneur, public speaker, environmentalist and philanthropist is now pursuing his passion to create and improvise things around him. Remember, he quit schooling but did not stop learning.

His genius began showing from the tender age of 8 when he developed Lego Mindstorm Humanoid Robot. One year later he created a breathing system, a pinhole camera, a plastic kaleidoscope and several other significant things, including hand gesture-controlled vehicle, 3D printer (the robust desktop 3D printer that will print on any material except for metal), space balloon project with ICI, and virtual brailler with MIT.

Virtual brailler has been one of his highly acclaimed inventions. The device is designed to help millions of visually impaired people by converting digital text to braille.

Ever since Angad was a kid, he created things that he learnt from TV shows, tutorials in magazines or from his engineer father. He loved watching programmes on channels like Discovery and National Geographic. This ignited his interest in researching and knowing different creatures in-depth, including sharks and experimenting with a variety of new things that ultimately led him to invent numerous noteworthy things.

An entrepreneur now, he runs two companies that create products to engender curiosity and innovation. He currently studying Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. His passion is to solve real-world problems using technology. He loves marine biology and studying the symbiotic behavior between nature and animals (marine or otherwise). He has been a speaker at TEDxGateway, TEDxHewlettPackard in Bangalore and in TEDxNUS, Singapore.

It is people like Angad to show us that there is an alternative path to success. The support of his parents and mentors has been crucial but it was his decision to use his talents to help the masses. If you are thinking about making your children try out alternative learning, Angad could be the perfect source of inspiration.


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