Quit Rs 50 Lakh-Job To Become IPS Officer. What He Does With His Spare Time Is An Inspiration

The most powerful weapon to change the world is education. To develop a nation as a whole, it is very important to educate every child. However, there can be no Arjun without Dronacharya. A teacher plays a very important role in shaping the life of a child. Imparting education is one selfless job, and not everyone can do it.

Today, we are writing about one person whose selfless efforts are changing lives of so many children. Santosh Kumar Mishra, who quit his job that paid him Rs 50 lakh annually, became an IPS officer, then launched a unique campaign to educate children.

Patna-born Santosh is posted as an IPS officer in Ambedkar Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh. He comes from a middle-class family where his father Laxman Mishra is a retired army officer and his mother is a homemaker.

Santosh completed his engineering from the University of Pune in 2004 and got a well-paid job with a European company. After working for four years in Europe, he went to the United States where he was earning Rs 50 lakh per annum. But he was not satisfied with his life abroad.

In 2011, he decided to return to India and appear in the UPSC exam. He cleared the exam in his first attempt itself and joined the Indian Police Service.

“I had seen my father in the Army, serving the nation since my childhood. I always wanted to serve my country,” says Santosh.

Santosh is fond of teaching. In his spare time from his busy government duty, he teaches children from underprivileged families. He often visits local schools in his vicinity to take classes. He wants to benefit as much children as he can, as he believes that the society will move forward with education.

It started when Santosh was posted in Amroha district. One day, a worried STD 5 student told him that his friend was not coming to the school for past 15 days. Santosh took the matter seriously and inquired about the child not coming to school and found out that the child was helping his father in their sweet shop.

“I went to meet his father and told him why it was important for his child to receive education. The good thing was that he understood and resumed sending his child to school,” says Santosh.

He was inspired after that instance and decided to reach out and spread awareness about education in every section of the society. Santosh tries to educate all the children who come from financially backward families.

“As an IPS officer, it is my duty to prevent crime and maintain the law and order in the society, but if I can do something more by devoting my spare time then what can be better than that,” says Santosh.

If every person in our society starts thinking like Santosh and take up initiative to do something for the society then the day is not far where our country will prosper.

We salute Santosh’s passion and hope that all of us will be able to contribute to our society by taking inspiration from his work.


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