Driver Returned Rs 8 Lakh-Bag And This Is How Police And Delhi People Made Him Rich

It is not uncommon for many of us to be forgetful and leave things behind. Most often than not we leave our belongings in a cab or an auto and realize our folly only after it is too late. Something similar happened earlier this month when a passenger left his bag full of valuables in a cab, never expected to get it back but did! It was followed by a kind gestured where all of Delhi chipped in to raise money for him.

Here’s a story where 24-year-old Debendra Kapri, a cab driver by profession, emerged as an absolute hero. Earlier this month, Kapri picked up a passenger from Delhi airport and way on the way to drop him at Paharganj. It was only while he was cleaning his car did he realise that the passenger had left behind a bag. This bag contained electronic goods, cash in US Dollars and important documents. Debendra could not recollect the identity of this passenger and went straight to the police station near the domestic airport and surrendered the the bag in police custody.

We live in times where people betray and cheat their friends for a few hundreds. Often teenagers steal money from their parents yet Debendra, despite all his poverty and financial limitations, did the right thing like a good Samaritan. A sum of Rs 8 lakh was enough to change his life forever and improve the living standard of his family, pay for his sister’s marriage, or build a better home back at his native place.

The passenger had no hope of finding the bag but was taken by a happy surprise when he got back his bag and its belongings intact. Debendra’s honest gesture was appreciated and the Deputy Commissioner of Police applauded his gesture on Twitter and also announced a cash prize for him.

They say goodness always turns around and comes as bigger good. In his recent interview with the popular FM channel Radio Mirchi, Kapri mentioned of how he had taken several loans and was now striving to return them. The channel administration threw in a fundraiser for him and the people of Delhi showed their appreciation by donating. Within an hour Rs 91,000 were raised.

Debendra Kapri hails from Bihar and moved to Delhi for work. He took loans for his sisters’ weddings and was working his way for repayments. He said he had no intention of taking something that didn’t belong to him. He lives in Mehrampur in a single room along with his fellow driver friends and is happy with all the appreciation he has received.


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