This Is How He Made Rs 2,500 Crore Company And Placed India On Global Tech Map

Indian businessmen have always ruled the arena of Information Technology. But it is an altogether different story when someone believes in their capabilities, rides the internet wave and dares to challenge Gmail which is the world’s biggest email service provider. Sabeer Bhatia is the IT revolutionary who did the unthinkable and built a Rs 2,500 crore company with a global presence.

Born in Chandigarh, Sabeer completed his schooling from St Joseph High School, Bengaluru and decided to pursue a degree in engineering. In the year 1986, he got into the prestigious BITS-Pilani but after two years of studying there he managed a transfer in America’s famous California Institute of Technology and completed his course.

He wanted to study further and got admission in Stanford University and received an MS degree in electrical engineering. In his college days, he was highly inspired by Apple’s founder Steve Jobs and found a job in the company. While working with Apple, Sabeer launched a company named which could store personal information of individuals. This information could be accessed through internet from anywhere in the world and proved to be a revolutionary concept of those times.

As he engrossed him into work, one day a policy change happened in the company. It activated a firewall security in the internal network because of which the employees couldn’t check their personal email during work hours. This inconvenience gave birth to an idea. Sabeer wondered if email information could also be put online just like personal information. He was skeptical about the idea initially and did not think it would make such an impact. In the coming years this idea became a million dollar concept.

Sabeer began to move forward with his idea and his colleague and friend Jack Smith joined him in developing the service. They tested the capacity of their mail service and found it tremendously capable. In 1996, they pooled-in $3,00,000 to launch Hotmail. To attract more and more users, they offered their services for free and advertised of several websites to gain more traction. Those were severely challenging days but because they had full faith in their idea, Sabeer and Jack kept working.

Their company saw a boom when they had got more than 10 lakh users onboard after merely a couple of months of their launch. Their user base was swelling and growing bigger day by day. This seized web giant Microsoft’s attention and they acquired the company in 1997 for a whopping Rs 2,500 crore. This made Sabeer a millionaire overnight and the word spread like a wild fire.

There were several challenges that came Sabeer’s way but he had vision and knowledge of the industry and gave it his best shot. He was rejected by 19 venture capitalist back to back which could have easily killed his plans but he persisted on making his idea a reality.

After working with Microsoft for two years, Sabeer quit and launched another company which ventured in e-commerce by the name of but it did not do any wonders and had to shut shops. However, this blow was not strong enough to hamper his speed and he established a company named SabseBolo. In the year 2009, SabseBolo acquired Jaxtr which was a big name in SMS providing sector. The company recetnly filed an annual turnover of $5 million.

Sabeer’s journey as an entrepreneur has been very interesting and has always been backed by motivation to create something new. His talents, knowledge and the ability to take a leap has made him a successful figure in the technopreneurs.


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