Childhood Lovers Built Rs 2.5 Cr Turnover Business To Defy Society And Get Married

Love is the greatest force that can make someone push their limits and surprise everyone with their achievements. Harmony among two people can execute unimaginable things and nothing seems impossible. Just like how it turned out for childhood sweethearts Manav and Niti who started off by convincing parents for their marriage and now head a Rs 2.5 crore turnover company.

Born into middle class families, Manav Shital and Niti Agarwal fell for each other when they were in their teens. They believed that with a sense of dedication, belief, and commitment they can surpass every milestone. Manav was in STD 9 when he got attracted towards Niti, a 7th grader then. Their friendship grew stronger and eventually blossomed into love. Growing up together made them realize that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with each other. However, life doesn’t always mean getting what you want. They had to undergo number of challenges and hardship before they could finally tie a knot.

Their mutual effort not only made them life partners but also business partners who gave birth to a company with annual turnover of Rs 2.5 crores.

Manav completed his B.Com from Mithibai College, Mumbai while Niti completed her course in Fashion Designing from Jedi Institute. After graduation they took up part times jobs and began saving money. They worked in various fields and grabbed whatever opportunity came their way. Without worrying about the nature of the jobs they gave their 100 percent. Together they did market research and gave tuition to children. Manav worked as a DJ at a night club while Niti designed clothes for friends and relatives. They became so busy with work that they could hardly spend some quality time together.

“We used to catch late night movies shows as we did not have any time in the day.” – Manav

The couple thought this initial struggle will pave way for a comfortable future, except it did not. One day, when Niti’s father came to know about their relationship he was furious. Her father was strictly against his daughter’s choice. “How can I allow my daughter to marry a man who does not even have a home and lives in a rented house?” But staying apart wasn’t an option for Manav and Niti. They did not give up and remained firm on their decision. It was clear to both of them that they have to do something big to turn things around.

With a combined saving of Rs 25,000, the couple started a courier service from garage of their friend who lived in Juhu, Mumbai. After some time, Manav borrowed funds from his friends and got a commercial shop on rent and sublet it. Money started rolling in and they began making investment in real estate as small properties were available in just a few lakh rupees. They finally bought a shop in Malad for Rs 9.5 lakh. Their courier business was also running smoothly alongside. Next thing they opened a cyber cafe by installing two computers in one corner of the courier shop. For extra income, Manav continued to play as a DJ at night in corporate events.

Everything went smoothly for the next few years. In 2005, the duo decided to open a juice bar in a small space in Andheri with an initial capital of Rs 4 lakh, along with co-founders Amit Shital, and Sumit Shital. You will be surprised to know that this idea currently does an annual turnover of Rs 2.5 crore. After the success of their first juice bar they started another outlet, which gave them an annual turnover of Rs 30 lakh. Within two years of opening the juice shop, Niti’s father agreed to get her married to Manav and they formally tied their knot. The power of love turned all the negatives into positives.

Two decades later, their juice bars has now taken shape of a retail chain by the name of ‘Juice Lounge’ which has more than 50 stores across the country. Apart from this, they have a separate food chain named “Rollacosta” which offers sandwiches and pasta. They have also opened a retail chain “Chaat Ok Please” to sell mouth watering chaat. Today, their food outlets have spread to Malaysia, Bahrain, Qatar, and Maldives. All these businesses run under the banner of Om Ganeshaya Food And Beverages Private Limited, where both Manav and Niti are equal stockholders.

Describing the experience of working together with Manav says – “Nowadays, many couples do not even talk properly with each other nor do they share their problems. This results in communication gaps and rift in relationships.”

The life of Manav and Niti is an inspiration to numerous youths of our country. Love alone isn’t enough to live a comfortable, happy life and one must take every measure to take an orbit leap. Looking at their love, hard work and dedication to work, we can proudly say that nothing is impossible for them and they will surely achieve more success in coming time.


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