Rajasthan Will Punish Those Who Flaunt "janta nahi mera baap kaun hai"

With communal divide gaping wider in the Indian society, this resolution by Rajasthan traffic department has got our applause. From September 3 onward, the cops will penalise motorists who display their caste, religion, profession, and affiliation to political parties.

The letter stated that slogans and stickers on vehicles, especially on the windscreens, were hazardous since they could distract drivers which could result into accidents. The rights group claimed that number plates of vehicles in Rajasthan even carried names and slogans.


The Times of India quotes a senior traffic police office, "Writings on number plates were always illegal and carry a penalty of Rs 5,000. However, having names and designations on the body and windscreens of vehicles had no specified penalty. The basic aim of the move is to ensure that the windscreens are free from any such insignias which cause poor visibility and distract drivers."

The order was issued after the Civil Rights Society wrote a letter on August 9 raising concerns on the trend of writing caste, designations and village names on vehicles was on the rise, which in turn was fanning communalism and casteism in society.

The only bummer is that the fine is quite petty if we consider purchasing power of people in this category (who display caste, political affiliations, and professions on their vehicles). Well, According to Section 177 of Motor Vehicles Act 1988, if there is no penalty for the offence, the maximum fine that can be imposed is Rs 100 at the first instance and subsequently it may be extended to Rs 300 for repeat offenders.

But hey, let's welcome this step toward respecting and treating everyone as equals. Rajasthan traffic department is certainly setting an example for other state governments to follow.

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