From Getting Bit By A Snake To Becoming A Snake Catcher, This Telangana Cop Has An Amazing Story!

Fear can be of various forms, and to many of us, it is not very easy to overcome the psychological impact it leaves. We tend to encounter such events that leave a scar in our life. However, the best way to get rid of fear is to directly challenge the thing you are most scared of. As they say, you learn how to swim if you are thrown into a well.

This strong attribute was shown by Krishna Sagar, a home-guard with the Police, who was bitten by a rat snake five years ago, but today is the most famous snake catcher in his village.


The bite that changed his life

Around five years ago, while taking a stroll in his agricultural field in Wanarpathy district, Sagar was bitten by a rat snake. Having known nothing about snakes and snakebites, he immediately killed the snake and rushed to the hospital where doctors gave him an anti-venom injection. Sagar started reacting to the injection negatively, and it was then figured out that the snake was a non-poisonous one. Another antidote to cancel the effects of the anti-venom brought the victim back to normal.

In all of this confusion, the one thing that affected Sagar most was that he had unnecessarily killed the snake. In fact, the snake is helpful to farmers as it eats rats. This marked the beginning of Krishna Sagar’s life as a snake catcher. He decided that he would study the reptile more and spread awareness about it.

“First, I learnt to identify which snakes are poisonous and which are not. My brother had a snake catching clamp which he was not using. So, I took that and started to learn how to catch a snake and which side I should lift them from. I learnt on the internet and also saw many videos of how professionals were catching snakes on YouTube. Slowly, I became more aware and learnt how to do it," said Krishna in an interview with The News Minute.


Helping his society and using social media

Gradually, Krishna started getting calls from the residents of Wanarpathy to rescue snakes. It all started with a snake that he rescued from a public function. Some local media people took photos and posted it on social media, which made Krishna quite famous. He used this to his benefit. He himself started posting photos of catching snakes and that made him further attractive.

As of today, he has caught more than 500 snakes and he gets 7-8 calls per day. He believes that he is more famous as a snake catcher than as a home-guard today. He is not afraid of getting bitten because he trusts the hospitals and doctors in his area.


Love for reptiles!

Krishna Sagar doesn’t harm the snakes that he catches. He releases them in a deep forest near Thirumalaiah gate, which is 5 km from Wanarpathy town. He ensures that they are safe and hence, tries to leave them close to water bodies.

Other than that, Sagar has also started training students. He has assembled a group of 25 students and taught them how to handle snakes.

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