This Teacher's Trick Makes Children Name All 29 States In Under 29 Seconds

In India, the education system is markedly different from the west. Right from our childhood, we are obligated to study a number of subjects all the way up to STD 10. Only after that, we are able to choose a particular stream to specialize on.

This results in children shying away from textbooks because nobody wants to engage in the boring mugging up of text only to pass in the examination and forget it all. At times like these, the onus remains on the teachers to make the text both interesting and facile so that kids can grasp the subject matter easily and remember it for a long time as well.


We need more creativity like his

A recent video that has surfaced online shows just what is needed in the Indian education system. A young man can be seen teaching schoolchildren in a small room using only a chalk and a blackboard. For a child, learning the names of all 29 states of India is quite a tedious task and even grownups sometime mess up while trying to do so. But this man makes it possible for his students to name them with ease. Not only that, he makes sure they’re able to do so within merely 29 seconds.  


He initially divides the states into a number of groups and associates numbers with them. The states are grouped according to their initial letters and the numbers denote the number of states associated with that starting letter.

This prevents jumbling up of the names of various states and thus makes for an organized approach. At the same time, this process makes sure that the information conveyed is retained for a long time as the human brain can easily recall information using mnemonics.

Most teachers simply complete their own daily tasks without taking into account the feedback of the students. This results in students considering studying text books as a compulsion instead of a gateway to an endless source of knowledge. Teachers like him make sure that the process is fun-filled and at the same time fruitful in the long run.

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