Others Watched While Brave Auto Driver Saved A Girl From Nirbhaya-Like Gangarape

It is no news that India is not the safest place of women on Earth. Case of rapes and crimes against women are so often that now only the most gruesome make it to the front page news. On August 11, in Bengaluru, another heinous gangrape like Nirbhaya’s could have happened for us to mourn over. It was an auto driver who decided to break his silence and saved the 19-year-old risking his own life.

Asgar Pasha (32) was outside the Yeshwanthapura Railway Station at 12.45 am when he saw three of his friends dragging a girl and her cousin away from the busy station. Dozens of people stood there as mute spectators while the men openly harassed them in full public view.

“All the three accused are known to me. I am ashamed to call them friends because of what they did. I was sitting in the auto and saw two of them beating the victim’s cousin and the other pulling the girl away. I knew I would be risking my life as I would be fighting known persons. But still I did not choose to keep quiet.

Realizing that this would lead to ruining of more than one life, Asgar called his friends and began looking for the abductors, and also informed the local police in the meantime. He knew this could be highly dangerous for him as the accused knew him very well he still chose to act, unlike other educated people around him who preferred to ignore all of it.

The police arrived in teams and wasted no time. Soon, they tracked he girl down to a godown which was some 200 meters away from the railway station. The accused wanted to sexually exploit the girl first and then call his other friends who were with the victim’s cousin at a distance. It was only because of Pasha’s courage, and quick wit that the girl could be saved from a gangrape.

This auto driver stands as an example for everyone to become a deterrent against crime instead of conveniently turning away from it. City Police Commissioner felicitated Pasha at his office, and said, such public-police coordination will help society.

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