From Rs. 10K to 1000 Crore, Inspiring Journey of India’s “Inverter Man”.

How many of you would care to look twice at the guy who came to fix the cable for your new TV or even thought he would have a great career ? And that’s why, no one could believe but one such man could emerge as a game changer of entire industry, a pioneer who would set new benchmarks for the sector, an entrepreneur who would generate Rs. 1000-crore annual turnover from virtually nothing, AND with no formal education in management or technical expertise. Who are we talking about?

Meet Kunwer Sachdev, the man of inspiration, and the man behind Su-Kam inverters!

He is the man who lit up millions of homes in the country during the incessant power shortages and went on to become one of the biggest inverter manufacturers in India after he launched his company Su-Kam in 1998. For all you budding entrepreneurs, here’s his story.

Hailing from a humble middle-class Punjabi family in Delhi, Kunwer’s childhood was spent in a small home with his parents and two brothers. His father was a clerk in Indian Railways and mother was a housewife. He completed his primary education at a private school but later shifted to a government school due to lack of resources.

“From a graduate in statistics to a business technologist is surely an unusual leap, but business was always on my mind. I thought of nothing else while I was in college,” confesses Sachdev.

Failure has been the cornerstone of every success is what Sachdev believed.

He first tried to join his brother in the business of selling pens but they soon fell out.  His next career move as a sales executive in a cable company was equally short-lived.

By 1989 he was ready to start a cable TV business with the help of a techie from the same company. An investment of Rs 10,000 was enough to get the system going. He set up a small-scale unit with six people to manufacture amplifiers and directional couplers – all needed in the business of cabling under the brand name Su-Kam.

In 2000, Sachdev took the decision to close down his profitable business of cable TV products and set up his first big factory in Gurgaon at a cost of Rs 15 lakh. Failing to convince banks about the commercial viability of the venture, he went full swing into the production of inverters using his personal savings.

“They say entrepreneurs are not taught, they are born and perhaps Kunwer Sachdev is one person who perfectly fits this theory.”

A validation of his success came when heavyweights Reliance and Temasek paid Rs 45 crore for a 20% stake in the company.

His quest to continuously upgrade his products using new technologies made him a clear market leader. Sachdev’s success story doesn’t end here. Having made its presence felt in over 50 countries through product innovation, design sensibility and sales distribution network, Su-Kam Power Systems Limited become World’s leading inverter manufacturing company.

Who says you can’t make it big without big bucks? All you need is determination, and  passion to make your dreams come true. What’s yours?

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