At Just 20, This Small-Town Girl Is Taking Tech Industry By Storm. Here’s How

At a time when young people her age are trying to party on weekends or kill time on social media, Rachana Bagde has built a one of it’s kind product by mixing gesture-recognition technology with virtual reality. She has established the company G for Gestures for her product, Virtual Tour of 5 Star Hotels.

Coming from Nagpur, Rachana is currently studying for her M.Tech under a dual-degree course from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Gwalior. She did her schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, as both her parents are teachers there. She was ushered into the field of use of hand gestures to control a robotic arm project, when she was doing her internship from a startup in Pune. After working for a month there, she explored the possibility of using this technology alongside the field of virtual reality. What was actually started as a college project turned into a full-fledged product based company.

The major hindrance for the gesture-recognition technology for Indian market was the use of hardware and it’s implications. But, Rachana’s product overcomes this problem as it just includes a Virtual Reality content and a body sensor.

Here’s how it works: A user, stands in front of the sensor, enabled to move in the virtual world. User can stand anywhere between 0.8m to 5m range for the sensor to properly track their movement and gestures. The user can take a virtual tour of the complete hotel, right from the rooms to the views outside the balcony. This can be done for several rooms and places, which will help them in making an informed decision considering their needs and taste. Five star hotels can get their custom-made software produced by G for Gestures installed in the system with license. Setting up and maintaining the system is an add on service from the company.

Achieving this mammoth feat wasn’t that easy for Rachana. She had to give up her social life like parties, outings, weekends trips with her friends etc. In fact, when her friends in the hostel used to go home for vacations, She didn’t even visit her parents during that period. Such was her commitment to her goal that she didn’t mind giving up these short-period pleasure for her long term goals of being an entrepreneur. Her day is filled with meeting 2-3 renowned names in her industry and entrepreneurship daily. Something new comes up everyday and she loves the challenge and the excitement, she says.

Rachana’s advice to the budding new entrepreneurs is taking risks. Because, even if they lose their way, they will still have time to get up and make up for the lost time and effort. As for ‘G for Gestures’, It has now raised its seed funding from Melbourne and it’s well on its way to make a mark on other fields, like automobiles and entertainment sector.


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