Meet Shruti: Joining as a Judge in the Same Court Where Her Father Worked as a Tea Seller

Surinder Kumar served as a tea seller all through his life in the court complex of the sub-divisional magistrate in the Nakodar town of Jalandhar (Punjab). Like any other father Surinder always dreamt of his daughter to achieve something and get settled in life making him a proud father. However, he never imagined that his daughter will turn out to be a judge in that very court where he sold tea throughout his life.

Shruti, Surinder’s 23-year-old daughter qualified for the Punjab Civil Services (Judicial) Examination in single attempt and following a year’s training, is absolutely set to be the Judge in the court of the sub-divisional magistrate.

Being a judge is like a dream come true for Shruti said it’s a dream come true. She always admired the position of a judge and wanted to undertake a legal job. She stood first in her Civil Service (Judicial) examination within the SC category.

Shruti was felicitated by the Rajya Sabha MP and BJP vice-president Avinash Rai Khanna for her achievement, who expressed it as “an honour for Punjab.”

Shruti completed her graduation from Guru Nanak Dev University, following which she pursued law at Punjab University, Patiala. After her success as a woman, Shruti believes that at the present time women are the most promising candidates to top the competitive examinations of the country. Shruti also stated that she is not the only one and that one of her friend Harpreet Kaur Sidhu daughter of a police inspector also qualified for the judicial examination.

Congratulations, Shruti. You are the inspiration to every woman who have the talent, yet deprived of the support to achieve anything bigger.

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