Heartmelting: How A Little Boy And His Parents Made Humanity Proud Even In Death

We all brave death of a loved one at least once in our life. It is still comparatively easier to deal with the loss and grief if the deceased lived a long and happy life. However, words fall short to describe the anguish people go through on losing their offspring.

No parent would ever want to face a situation wherein they have to witness the death of their own child. But, this unfair life situation arose in Surat, in the house of Sunil Shah, father of Somnath Shah. Like every other day, on September 2, Somnath was playing at home where he happened to slip off the ladder. He was immediately being rushed to a private hospital then being referred to the New Civil Hospital (NCH).

After certain CT scans, it was revealed that Somnath had faced a brain hemorrhage and a fractured skull. Doctors declared Somnath brain dead on September 4. The hospital then approached an NGO, Donate Life, which promotes the cause of organ donation. Their child’s death was a devastating truth for Somnath’s parents, but they were convinced by the hope that would be able to feel his presence in someone else. They were then ready to donate their son’s organ.

The three-year-old, Aaradhya Yogesh Mule, a resident of Navi Mumbai, was fortunate enough, as the heart of Somnath got transplanted in her body. Aaradhya was suffering from a heart disease called dilated cardiomyopathy for over a-year-and-a-half. The other person to benefit will be a 15-year-old boy from Deesa in Banaskantha district. The kidneys of Somnath will be transplanted as the 15-year-old boy was battling renal failure for over ten years.

Somnath’s parents, after the destructive instance, were still pleased with the fact that their son was alive in someone else. They wish to meet Aaradhya after the last rites of their son. Apart from whatever the religious myths are, that the dead person will not attain peace if his body parts remain unfinished, everyone should notice that if it is a loss for someone it can be turned into a gain for someone else.

A social media campaign ‘Save Aaradhya’ was successful in Mumbai only because of the generous thought of Somnath’s parents to donate their sons organs from Surat. It’s time not to think about different religion, different state or different caste as humanism is playing its fair role. Many children dream of being a superhero and saving lives of people. Somewhere or the other, Somnath is that superhero whose organs helped the two in procuring a new life.


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