This 9-Yr-Old Coding Genius Earned $10,000 And Is Applauded By Apple

Successful people develop a habit of learning from people of all age groups. Kids are the best teachers, many would agree. Introducing you to little Anvitha Vijay with her nail-biting talent with computers and programming which was brought her money, applause from Apple, and promise of a bright future.

With technology at our fingers in the era where world is shrinking rapidly, it is hard not to notice the ease with which children use technology. But there are some children so skillful at using programming language, computers, and technology that they leave others in awe. Nine-year-old Anvitha is a software and application developer who started coding when she was only seven and has earned much appreciation and lakhs of rupees at such young age.

This native Indian girl was so inspired by technology that she started building softwares since a young age. She was motivated to learn coding through tutorials videos on YouTube. Her first working application was Smartkins Animal, an educational app for children, that renders them to learn the voices and names of over 100 animals. Her next application was Smartkins Rainbow that helps children learning colors.

Not just talent, but it also takes nights of making strategies followed by days of endeavors to be good at something you already know. Every skill needs polishing and improvising and Anvitha always satisfied her thirst for knowledge.

“Turning an idea for an app involves a lot of hard work. There are so many components to building an app, including prototyping, design and wireframing, user interface design and then coding and testing,” says Anvita.

Her work has brought her acknowledgement and distinction from Apple, too where she took part in WWDC, a yearly developer conference by Apple, as the youngest developer. This is one of the biggest events taking place on an annual basis in the world of technology.  It is a dream of every developer to become a part of this event and Anvitha being just nine-year-old attracted the attention of everyone by taking part in the conference.

Anvitha continues to build application, alongside going to school. In summer vacations, she designed an application by the name Goals Hi for which she even received prize money of $10,000. Her dream is to become one of the most renowned industrialists one day.

Anvitha teaches us to dream big and understand that by following a proper path we can accomplish anything and no goal is too big. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Children like Anvitha gain accolades for their success at such a young age telling us that we can too. The reason behind the success of these children is not luck, it’s the hard work of their parents and the children themselves. We all can show the world that nothing is impossible if followed by proper plan, effort and enthusiasm.

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