44-Yr-Old Actress Weighed Just 23 Kg Before Salman Khan's Heartfelt Gesture. Here's What She Says:

It doesn’t matter how high you fly if you can’t come back and help those who find it difficult to take off. Despite criminal charges and controversies, Bollywood star Salman Khan rules over millions of hearts largely because he stands by people when nobody else does. And this time his kind gesture has saved a 44-year-old woman who was battling for life and weighed just 23 kg a while back.

Pooja Dadwal had co-starred with Salman in a 1995-movie called Veergati. Cut to present, fate got her to a point in life where all her family members and friends had abandoned her. She was battling tuberculosis in a depressing hospital ward with no resources or support. Her doctors could hear a wailing siren as her state was critical.


In desperate times, Pooja reached out to Salman through a video message and requested him to take care of her treatment. The word reached the leading actor and he, through his Being Human foundation, took care of her medical needs.

According to Mumbai Mirror, Pooja weighed just 23 kg when she was hospitalized in March. She had been put on oxygen support for almost two months as both her lungs were infected.

Salman’s action, Pooja’s heartfelt thank you note

“​I just heard about it, and we are trying help our as much as we can. Our team is already on to it and taking care of it. I didn’t know she was going through a difficult phase like this. I think she will be ok,” Salman had said after getting her video message.


Pooja has now been discharged although her treatment is said to follow on for one more month. This is how she feels now, “I can’t describe how I am feeling. When I was hospitalised on March 2, I thought I was going to die there - bedridden in a corner of that depressing ward. My family and friends had abandoned me. I gave up all hope after the doctors told me that my lungs were severely affected. Incessant coughing and breathlessness had left me weak. And I saw so many like me, dying all alone – their friends and family, like mine, had deserted them. But then I decided that I don’t want to end up like that. I decided to fight, to not let the disease win. Yes, one of the side-effects of tuberculosis is social rejection but I am really thankful to Salman Khan who lent me the support. From clothes to soaps, diapers, food, medicines, his foundation took care of everything. If I survived the ordeal, it is only because of him,” she said.

We laud Salman’s gesture to stand by people in their lowest of lows. Cheers to saving a life!

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