We Need More People Like Him: This IAS Officer Doubles Up As Doctor, Treats Patients For Free

Many-a-times, money, and power brings superiority complex making people go blind. Their perception changes and they start taking undue advantage of their authority. Public servants behave as if the public is their servant. However, there are still some people who believe that working for common people is more important than sweating out for their personal goals. Serving the society becomes their religion.

IAS officer Dr Iqbal Ahmed provides free treatment to people. He is posted as District Magistrate in Champawat district, Uttarakhand. He pursued a degree in MBBS from Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore. He then decided to become an IAS officer to serve the common people in a better way. He cleared one of the toughest exams in the country in 2010.

Iqbal observed the shortage of doctors in his district and decided to make use of his MBBS degree to treat the patients in his free time. However, he waited for seven long years to make this possible. He did not have any formal registration as a doctor, as he had never treated any patients after completing his medical degree.

Eventually, after a long wait, his registration was approved by the Uttarakhand Medical Council. Through his volunteer service, he is not only helping the patients but has also become an idol for many doctors who do not fulfil their duties. His initiative has also helped many doctors in the area who had to treat so many patients. Iqbal feels happy, as his years of effort to study medicine has not gone in vain.

Being the District Magistrate, Iqbal has a huge responsibility on his shoulders. Despite this, he takes out time every morning to offer his free services as a doctor in the local government hospital. According to him, he is just making an effort to utilize his existing knowledge.

According to the statistics, there is a massive shortage of about 60 percent doctors across Uttarakhand. Instead of 2,700, the state only has 1,000 doctors. This clearly shows the importance of the humanitarian step taken by Dr Iqbal. Words are not enough to describe his act of kindness and compassion. If all citizens of our country start thinking about people around, no force can stop us from moving ahead.

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