Was Pressurized To Drop Out From STD 4, Dazzled All By Becoming IAS At 21

You can’t stop challenges from coming in your way but you definitely keep going forward despite obstacles. There is always a way for those who are willing to find it. Today, we bring to you a story of someone who looked troubles straight in the eye while growing up and is now a young, promising bureaucrat serving the country.

Born in Shelgaon village of Parbhani, Maharashtra, Ansar Shaikh is one of the youngest IAS officers in India. He cleared the exam in 2017 when he was 21. His struggle story is as captivating as his dazzling success feats.

Back in his village, Ansar’s father drives an auto-rickshaw driver and mother works as a farm labor. He grew up amidst poverty and saw his family struggle for two square meals. The region is infamous for its droughts which further deepened their troubles.


Like most men in their village, Ansar’s father turned into an alcoholic and would disrupt family’s peace every other day. These were the conditions that he saw around him and resolved to excel in studies. All this while people would suggest his father to pull Ansar out of school in order to add to family’s dipping income.

“I remember I was in STD 4. My relatives were pressurizing my dad to put an end to my studies,” he recollects.

When the father contacted Ansar’s teacher to talk about making him drop-out, the teachers reasoned with him saying that Ansar is a bring kid and can easily change their fortunes through receiving good education. These developments strengthened the little boy’s zeal and he applied himself all the more in studies.

Today’s bright IAS once solely depended on midday meals in school to survive. The quality of food was deplorable and children would often find insects in their meal but that food was all he could get. All these hardships only made him shine brighter. In STD 12 he scored 90 percent and made this as his first stepping stone to success. Not just his parents but his entire village beamed at Ansar’s performance.

The remote background and studying in a Marathi-medium school rendered him weak in English. He kept working at his language skills during his college years. This is when he first heard about the civil services and resolved to crack the exam. He had focusses all his energy on one goal and when results came out he stunned everyone with clearing UPSC in first attempt, at just 21 years of age!

Not just his peers and family, this boy stunned the entire nation with his dedication and hardwork. Leave your comments below and tell us about more inspirational figures.


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