Friends Sold Vada Paav In London After Getting Fired From Job. Look At Them Shine Now!

Much of the development we see around us is a result of privatization. It is not only helping the society eradicate unemployment, but also gives youth an opportunity to start something of their own. But there are pros and cons are attached to this, like the job hike is followed by increased firing rate of employees.

When a person is set in their job and all of a sudden they are let go, they stop dead in tracks. It is severely demotivating as people can hardly swallow this news, but the truth is being strong is the only choice one is left with. In current scenario, there is a trend of firing employees in order to cut company’s cost. This often causes low self-esteem and pushes the employees into depression. Similar was the case with two friends Sujay Sohani and Subodh Joshi who got fired from their jobs in London.


It is worth mentioning that neither of them took this as a low point, instead they emerged with a flag of bigger success as they decided to start something of their own. Sujay and Subodh bounced back to state of normalcy and launched Sri Krishna Vada Paav on the streets on London. Yes, you read it right, vada paav in London!

They have established Mumbai’s vada paav as quick fix snack for Londoners. Today, there are four outlets of Sri Krishna Vada Paav in UK’s capital and are doing a turnover of around Rs 4.4 crore.

In the great recession of 2009, thousands were fired from their jobs all over the world because of falling demand, including Subodh and Sujay, who were working in London. The tumbling economy had a great impact on employment. Their economic condition started deteriorating and they started discussing their problems with each other.

They were good friends as they both graduated from Rizvi College in Bandra, in 1999. Sujay hails from Thane while Subodh is from Wadala. One day, both of them were discussing that they didn’t even have the money to buy vada paav, and this became the connecting point between their aspirations and future plans.

On August 15, 2010, they started Sri Krishna Vada Paav. At that time, it was a tough task to look for a decent place in their tight budget. They had a conversation with a Polish owner of an ice cream parlour to give them a little space to start their outlet. The owner gave them the place hesitatingly at the cost of Rs 35,000 (£400) per month. Soon, the duo started their shop with great zeal.


They sold vada paav at Rs 80 (£1) and dabeli, another Mumbai snack, at Rs 131(£1.5). But this feat didn’t generate profit for then as the sales were negligible. Both of them decided to market vada paav as Indian burger. They claimed it was cheaper and tastier than the usual burgers, which was indeed true. While a burger was sold at £4 (Rs 440), vada paav came just for £2 (Rs 175).

The passersby were offered free vada paav to tasts and soon it became famous among Londoners. Space besides the ice-cream parlour was now insufficient to cater to the growing number of customers. So needed to expand. In the meantime, a Punjabi restaurant approached them for working together. The friends liked the idea and agreed readily.

Started seven years ago, that small kiosk has now become a restaurant with four branches in The Swinging City, with £50,000 (Rs 4.4 crore) turnover. Those who were once thrown out of their jobs are now employing around three dozen people. With courage, ability to take risk, and hardwork, Sujay and Subodh have shown a way to several others like them. Kudos!

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