An Ordinary Man's Journey From Rs 250 To Rs 3,000 Crore

On a fateful day, he was given Rs 250 and kicked out of work. It would have seemed like the end of the world to anyone else but not to this man. It was his courage and hardwork that he conjured a well-known brand worth Rs 3,000 crore out of those Rs 250.

He is none other than the chairman of Asia-Pacific's biggest manpower company Security and Intelligence Services (SIS) Ravindra Kishore Sinha. There was a time when this millionaire, who hails from Bihar, had opened a small office in a rented garage. The dark and dingy garage was exactly opposite to his bright and agrressive spirit to succeed. Today, his firm boasts a turnover of $350 million and employs around 70,000 people. Its associates include Tata Steel, Tata Motors, ICICI Bank, Future Group, Idea Cellular etc.

These illustrious achievements aren't a stroke of luck. It is all because of his vision and will power to become big and successful despite all odds. SIS Group has become Asia's largest manpower company and it is inspiring to know about its journey from the scratch. It has around 300 corporate houses as its clients and had overtaken Australia's Cube Security a couple of years back.

Kicked out from job, made garage his new office


Ravindra grew up in a house where luxury had no space as it struggled to support the needs of seven siblings. He graduated in 1971 in Political Science and worked with SearchLight newspaper as a journalist for a short span. He would earn a salary of Rs 125 a month. The job gave him an opportunity to interact with the soldiers of Bihar Regiment. This was the time when his mind was impregnated with a business idea. The soldiers suggested him to open a security services to help the retired soldiers earn a living.

Soon after, due to reasons undisclosed, the newspaper fired Ravindra with two months salary to survive. Jobless and struggling to find ground, he decided to work on the suggestion given to him by the soldiers. He decided to put his two month salary aside to set up his company SIS and rented out a garage for his office. He approached those soldiers who had fought the Indo-Pak war and were now living on pension. His first breakthrough came from a friend who hired an ex-soldier as a security guard in his office. 

The first year turned out to be miraculous as nobody else seemed to tap this much-needed but untapped potential. Some 250 people found employment with SIS in their very first year of business and they booked a profit of Rs 1 lakh. Ravindra always spoke to his employees gently and with respect. This won their hearts and his marketing happened automatically through word of mouth.

Aptitude of a businessman


In 1988, Ravindra decided to expand his operations and launched a high-class training academy for STD 10th pass and graduate soldiers. This branch ended up training 2 lakh soldiers and 15,000 graduates within 12 months. This came as a major boost for his existing business and Ravindra launched three more branches. The organization booked a profit of Rs 25 crore which was unheard of in the area at that time. 

In 2008, Ravindra started expanding abroad and also made its first acquisition of an Australia firm. You will be surprised to know that most corporates in Australia use SIS security. In India, they are majorly involved in bringing cash to ATM, and in transaction of valuables.

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