How Mohammad From Kerala Became Millionaire At 21

Most teenagers nowadays complain of lack of opportunities and increased competition when it comes to getting established in life. But if they introspect, they’ll realize that they have infinite resources available to build and shape their career. But they waste their precious time in pointless social media posts, movies every weekend and what not. However, 21-year-old Mohammad Jawad TN from Kannur, Kerala was unlike every other kid in the neighbourhood and that is why today he possesses what every one of his age dreams of.

Pursuit of Knowledge


At the age of 10, Jawad was introduced to the computer when his father his father gifted it to him along with an internet connection.Back then, Orkut and similar social networking sites were on the rise and this always intrigued Jawad. Unlike every other child of his age who are mainly immersed in video games, he was keen on learning about how websites were created and how they worked and spent most of his after-school hours in the pursuit to quest his thirst of knowledge.

He soon learnt the basics of blogging and web design through free website building applications and even made a few blogs on his own. By the time he was a class 10 student, he had launched a website along with his classmate It is also interesting to note that a user ID for creating a Gmail account was not available in his name. But he decided to go with TNM Jawad, a suggestion by Google which later became an integral part of his life.

Despite his unrelenting curiosity, Jawad made sure he never slacked in his studies. After scoring an ‘A1’ grade in all subjects in class 10 examinations, he decided to explore the field of computer science further. He spent his vacation time understanding the intricacies of successful websites and how they were different from the mainstream ones.

Taking the plunge

Meanwhile, Jawad’s family faced a sudden and severe financial crunch as his father had to leave his job in Dubai as a banker and return to India. Jawad’s interest in computers started paying off in this crucial moment as he decided to take the plunge by registering his first domain name—TNM Online Solutions and running it as a virtual company. He sourced Rs 1 lakh from his parents and used it as an investment to build the website and started out by announcing on Facebook about designing a website at prices starting from Rs.1,000.

Soon enquiries started pouring in, but being technically ill-equipped, he failed to handle almost 99 percent of the queries that came his way.

“That is when I realised that I lacked strong tech-based skills that are important for website development, and to learn more, I even visited a couple of website design companies in Kannur and saw how they worked,” says Jawad.

Teachers to the rescue


Jawad got his biggest break yet when one of his high school teachers introduced him to her brother who worked as an interior designer as was in dire need of a website. That was the first website formally developed under TNM Online solutions.

“My teacher paid me the first ever remuneration I’d ever received in my life. Until then my folks at home had no clue about the company, so naturally, my mother was shocked when I handed over an amount of ₹2,500 to her, and I had to explain what had happened,” says Jawad.

But Jawad wasn’t to be carried away by temporary successes. He signed up with an IT academy in Kannur, where he spent about a month professionally learning about website building and designing. This became yet another landmark turn in his life, as Jibin and Dinil, two of his teachers at the academy, agreed to work for him as salaried employees.

Dream come true at 17


Thus, on June 23, 2013, 17-year-old Jawad set up his own office of TNM Online Solutions that deals in e-commerce, web designing and app development. Ably juggling school and work, Jawad would rush from school to office and work till 9:00 p.m., following which he would discuss business with clients till 2:00 A.M. His resilience paid off as he passed STD 12 with 85% aggregate.

After two years of testing times and learning curves, TNM Online solutions had worked with over 100 small-scale clients within Kerala itself. Jawad’s participation in the YES Kerala Summit for young entrepreneurs gave him and his venture the exposure it needed and brought in many new projects.

At the age of 19, Jawad fulfilled this dream by building a home of his own in Varam, Kerala and by the time he turned 21, he had a BMW for himself and his clients spanned from over 18 countries.He has also opened an office in Dubai, which has a clientele base of over 900. Annually, his company rakes in a profit of Rs 2 crore.

For his incredible achievements at such a young age, Jawad was recently felicitated in the UAE and bestowed with an award by Dr Ram Buxani.

Presently, Jawad is busy with a new initiative called TNM academy that provides professional training in areas like web designing and digital marketing to youngsters. The academy was recently inaugurated in Kannur and is open to anyone, irrespective of their age.

One cannot help but admire Jawad’s resilience and determination. While teenagers complain of hectic schedule and ever-increasing academic pressure, this guy not only managed to ace his boards but also build a successful company from scratch.

(By Shreshthangsha Sayan Biswas)

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