Brilliant: Gets Waste Flowers From Temple To Make Organic Manure

Enter a temple, mosque, gurudwara or church in India and the first thing you’ll probably notice is the abundance of flowers at the place of worship. Ever wonder what happens to those sacred flowers once we are done with our prayers?

According to many religious beliefs, flowers that are offered during prayers are sacrosanct and cannot be dumped into the garbage once they’ve wilted. This is one of the reasons why people prefer to discard them in rivers, lakes and other water bodies, thus creating a major avoidable pollution. However, Yash Bhatt and Arjun Thakkar have come up with a revolutionary idea to put this waste into use.

Tackling an age-old problem

Shortly after graduating from Silver Oak Engineering College in Ahmedabad, Yash and Arjun attended a lecture at the GTU Innovation Council earlier this year. The theme of the lecture was to instigate young minds to come up with solutions of problems that we face in our everyday lives.


During brainstorming discussions, the duo realized that disposal of flowers, leaves and coconuts was a major issue as religious sentiments were attached to them. Also, dumping them in river bodies and public bins significantly contributed to pollution that could be easily avoided.

To solve this unnecessary menace, Yash and Arjun initially started using several composting machines that were readily available in the market. But those machines were not efficient enough. But after pitching their idea to the GTU Innovation Council, they received a grant of Rs 95,000. Additionally, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation also came to their aid.

“Corporation officials, including Mayor Bijal Patel, helped us in the project. We have been given the project for Bodakdev, Thaltej, Ghatlodia, Naranpura, and Navrangpura wards of the corporation. As a part of the project, we gave individual bins to the temples.” Arjun said.

Earning through waste


The duo is presently collecting the disposed flowers from 22 temples. They have also developed a machine of their own that churns 300 kg of organic waste from temples into 100 kg of manure every day, which is sold at Rs 60 per kg. They are also considering involving Sakhi mandals for the sale of the products. Once the project extends to the entire city, they plan to make incense sticks and rose water, and turn coconuts into cocopits, and sell them under a registered brand name.

While most of us leave it to the gods to take care of the flowers we offer up in places of worship, Yash and Arjun have shown how an age-old problem can be solved easily. Not only have they turned the problem into a decent source of income, their products are cheap, eco-friendly and add to the class of organic fertilizers.

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