How Rajesh Rose From Middle Class To Become First Dalit Millionaire

Success is engineered by a person only through hard-work and not on the basis of religion or cast. An established fact that discrimination based on insignificant factors lowers down the potential of a person who is actually capable of being an inspiration for many. Yes, we have history as an evidence to this fact. India has a respected class of successful people and this list is built only through their hard-work. Religion is nowhere a deciding factor for what one will turn out tomorrow.

Hard-work is the only way out

Escaping all the stereotypical thoughts prevailing in the society in regards to casteism, here is an inspiration to all who believe that religion affects one’s future. Saraiya an example to this. Rajesh Saraiya, the first Dalit billionaire who with his hard-work and determination was able to build a company which is worth Rs 2000 crore today.


Saraiya was born to a middle-class family based in Saraiya Sani, Uttar Pradesh. Having studied aeronautical engineering in Russia he has set-up a company which does not relate to aeronautics in real but its material mechanism does. SteelMont, a global name known for trading and logistics. The journey which started from a small village in Uttar Pradesh is now marking steps in over 8 countries.

Saraiya was sure as to what he wanted to do in future and feels that the society and its thoughts was never a barrier for him. The Indian government and to whichever country he has been a part of, he never had to face discrimination. Every country was supportive towards a business that will help people grow. 

Believes in grabbing the right opportunity

"There are a lot of opportunities in the world. One just has to pick them up and work hard,” says Saraiya to a website. He has been living in Europe for over 26 years but has not stopped giving back to the nation. While thinking about the struggles he did and not forgetting his roots he has developed SteelMont in India, in a manner that helps progress the nation and its people.

In 2012, Saraiya received the Pravasi Bharatiya Award and in 2014 he was also awarded with the Padma Shri. The rapidly growing world has a lot more considerations than just religion and caste. What it looks for, is a person who can seize an opportunity and make the best use of it. “People have to change from inside. They have to change their ideology, their mentality and look around the world for what is happening. There are so many opportunities," says Saraiya the star of the Dalit community and a prestige for the country. 

(By Anagha Punde)

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