How 26-Yr-Old Raised Rs 6 Crore In 6 Days For Pulwama Shaheeds From America

The nation is still grappling with the irreparable loss of 40 jawans that were killed in a suicide bombing attack in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir. No soldier wants to die such a death where the cowards attack them from behind and give no chance to fight back. But beyond the blazing anger in citizens' heart we also feel a deep grief and a sense of solidarity toward the families who have lost their loved one in this attack.

Twenty-six-year-old Viveik Patel, who originally hails from Vadodara, Gujarat but is currently living in US decided to help the CRPF families by donating some money. But his US debit and credit cards were not being accepted by the fundraisers where he tried. Many of us would have tried a couple of times before eventually giving up expressing our regret. But Viveik, who works as a business analyst in Virginia created a fundraiser on Facebook to raise donations on February 15.

“I first tried donating through but they weren’t accepting any international credit or debit cards. That’s why I decided to start my own fundraiser on Facebook.”


He contacted the managers at Facebook to help him since only NGOs can start a funding initiative there. His initial goal was to raise $500,000. Within 12 hours of him putting up the status, he raised a quarter million dollars, and upto now he has raised a total of $861,372.

Now Viveik is looking for a way to make sure the donation reaches the families of the jawans. He says SBI is helping him to make sure the donations can be given to the families of the martyred soldiers.

“I wanted to reach out to the maximum number of people and I think what better medium could we use than Facebook.” With an initial goal of USD 5,00,000, he started the fundraiser on Facebook on February 14 (US Time while it was February 15 in India).

Throughout these six days he kept everyone informed about the progress of the fundraising and how he is planning to send the money to the beneficiaries.

Unfortunately, Facebook fundraising is currently not available in India and donations can be made only in the U.S currency. Since Bharat Ke Veer doesn't accept international cards, NRIs have no option available to them apart from donating it to fundraisers. It is therefore, important for the government to develop a website that caters to international audience as well.

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